The Secret Mansion of a Bankrupt Businessman

Among your acquaintances, is there a person who always wears the same clothes, carries the same bag, doesn’t like to communicate, and behaves a little strange? A bankrupt businessman, perhaps? Some might consider them a loser, while others are certain that they have a tidy sum stacked away for happy, comfortable twilight years not only for themselves but also for their children.

The Brit we will discuss today, managed to kick this persona up a notch. He passed himself off as a poor, bankrupt businessman for 15 long years. It could have never occurred to anyone that he had made a fortune of millions. How did he do it?

The ‘Bankrupt’ Businessman

Let’s start at the very beginning. In the 2000s, a businessman Alan Yeomans declared himself bankrupt. It is not uncommon and can happen to anyone.

Yeomans brought information to the relevant authorities that his business caused only losses and, therefore, he had to sell not only his company but also all his property to pay off his debts. Despite it all, he still had to repay loans.

Yeomans claimed that he only had enough money to satisfy basic needs. Not to mention that he couldn’t afford to buy a house! The man declared bankrupt and moved into a farm shed.

Friends ceased to communicate with him, which also often happens with people who lose their financial position in society. Those whom he considered close, became strangers.

Yeomans had only enough money to do cheap renovations himself.

Neighbors’ gossip and jokes did not bother Yeomans. He never communicated with anyone and barely went outside. The man dressed quite modestly, always wearing the same shirt and trousers, as if he had no other clothing items.

Inside Alan Yeomans’ Secret Mansion

Yeomans had to appear at court every year to confirm his financial situation, and he always did on the appointed day. One day, though, he failed to come. The authorities reacted quickly and arrived at his home, which looked like a barn shed from the outside. When, at their demand, the man opened the door, the police startled into discovery.

They saw a grand staircase lined with a red carpet decorated with gold threads. The interior featured only the most expensive wood varieties. Original paintings by prominent artists adorned the walls.

Beautiful statues graced the space, and chic chandeliers hung from the ceiling. Mind that these were things the police noticed at first glance.

The house had six bedrooms, a grand library full of expensive copies of books, a gym, and guest rooms. The place even had a pool and a dance floor!

Collectible figurines, antique furniture, expensive vases adorned the house. But even that was not the most extraordinary find!

One of his paintings hid a secret door, behind which was a large garden where the Brit grew illegal plants for sale. So that’s how he managed to amass a fortune!

From the sale of these plants, Yeomans accumulated two million dollars and hid his ventures for 15 years.

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