Fish requires extra care and attention during the cooking process; however, it is incredibly versatile: it can be eaten raw, cured by marinating, pickling, or smoking, or prepared in a variety of ways: baking, frying, grilling, poaching, or steaming. Give free reign to your culinary imagination!

Crispy Beer-Battered Fish

25 min
Crispy beer-battered fish is a well-known worldwide treat and a favorite no matter where you live. Although it may seem like it requires a lot of effort to attempt deep-frying...

Fried Herring

40 min
We are used to the fact that herring must be either salted or pickled. However, this fish is no worse than any other that we usually cook over heat: hake,...

Tuna Salad

25 min
Cooking is a realm of experimentation, creativity, and imaginative solutions. Besides, isn't it lovely when the dishes turn out not only tasty but also beautiful? By all means, the easiest...