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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Leave Dirty Dishes in the Sink

Many of those who feel constantly tired never think that dirty dishes left in the sink might be what is really causing the headaches and insomnia.

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Nevertheless, it’s important to take such things seriously. Today we would like to share with you two reasons not to leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight.

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Leave Dirty Dishes in the Sink

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The First Reason

Those who believe in mysticism think that dirty dishes left overnight attract negative energy, which leads to many troubles.

According to feng shui, dirty dishes are resonant with unexpressed resentment. They can affect your overall wellbeing and make you sick.

It is also believed that dishwashing is a ritual that promotes kitchen prosperity. This way dirty dishes could bring financial problems.

The Second Reason

If you’re not superstitious, you should know that there are sensible reasons not to leave dirty dishes overnight. Dirty plates attract not only negative energy but also insects. They also promote bacteria growth.

This is especially important in summer, when, due to high temperatures, the amount of microbes increases manifold. Also, do not forget that it is much easier to rinse the pan or pot in the evening, without waiting for the food to stick to it.

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Japanese organizing consultant Marie Kondo believes that if there’s order in the house, nothing distracts your attention from what is really important in life.

And if some superstitions help us to keep the kitchen and in life in order, then they are not so bad after all. Dear readers, we wish you all the best!


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