How to Clean an Iron

Figure out how to clean your iron and hold off on replacing it simply because it does not glide as smoothly and work as flawlessly as it used to, or because a residue has formed on its soleplate. You will be surprised, but you do not need to buy a special eraser or mixture; you only need a few ordinary products that you use every day.


Every other modern iron has a self-cleaning function that supposedly removes limescale at a press of a button. However, in most cases, this approach is ineffective. Thus, we decided to tell you how to clean the iron from the burn and scale.

How to Clean the Inside of an Iron

how to clean the inside of an iron

Why do this? Regular water leads to the formation of plaque, and the brownish liquid released from the iron stains and spoils the clothes. How to clean the iron from the scale?

  • Combine an equal amount of water and table vinegar. Pour the liquid into the iron, place the device vertically, and then turn it on. Leave it like that for 10 minutes. The device will turn on and off several times. Release the steam, then fill the water chamber with ordinary distilled water and repeat the procedure. vinegar
  • Dissolve a packet of citric acid in a glass of warm water. Repeat the procedure, as outlined above. citric acid with water
  • Fill the water chamber with sparkling mineral water. Repeat as described above. carbonated water

To avoid further problems, we advise you to fill the water chamber with filtered or boiled water and repeat one of the steps described above once every two weeks.

How to Clean the Outside of an Iron

  • Combine soda and vinegar until thick. Apply the resulting mass to the sole of the iron and then wipe it clean with a cloth.
  • How to quickly clean the bottom of an iron? Squeeze a little white toothpaste onto a heated sole and wipe. clean an iron with toothpaste
  • Combine an equal amount of water and vinegar. Turn on the device and set it to the minimum temperature. Using a cotton swab moistened with a solution, clean all holes of the iron soleplate.
  • Sprinkle salt onto a sheet of foil. Turn on the device and set it to the minimum temperature. Iron the salt until the surface is clean. clean an iron with salt
  • How to clean Teflon coating? Turn on the iron and set it to the minimum temperature. Lather its sole with soap and wipe it dry with a clean cloth.
  • How to clean the burn from the iron sole? When particles of burnt cloth remain on the metal surface, moisten a cloth with acetone and wipe the surface clean. clean burnt iron sole

To extend the service life of the iron and make its use more effective, regularly wipe the sole of the device with a soft sponge moistened with soapy water. It is also essential to use an appropriate ironing temperature for different types of fabric.

Now you know several excellent methods of cleaning both the inside and the outside of an iron. Use them and extend the service life of this household staple. Share your own secrets of caring for such a device in the comments down below.


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