Mall Closings

Mall closings are inevitable. But why is this happening? Today we’re going to talk about several main reasons why many shopping malls may disappear very soon.

Do you like malls? This is not just a bunch of stores that are placed in a huge enclosed space. It is also a great place to relax and just walk around. You don’t have to buy anything to have a good time there.

Shopping Mall Closings

Malls are usually anchored by department stores and the first one was created by Harry Selfridge. He wanted to combine many services under one roof. In his department stores, one could find cafes, hairdressers, and even postal services.

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Once Harry walked into one of the many street shops wanting to just look at the items. However, he wasn’t allowed to do so. Almost immediately there were questions about why he wasn’t buying anything.

Selfridge wanted to create a place where you could have fun, take a walk, and just look around without strange questions or glances. And he succeeded. What’s more, his department stores have become incredibly profitable businesses. And this is not at all strange, because people wanted to come back there again and again.

But why are so many people sure that the time of shopping malls is coming to an end? Let’s consider the reasons for the closing of such places.

Online shopping is now at its peak of popularity. Why go to the store when you can order the necessary item on the Internet. Many people don’t really like trying on clothes in regular stores. Making choices on the spot is very tiring.

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Consultants can be intrusive. And sometimes, on the contrary, you cannot find a single one when you need his or her help so badly. There are no such problems in online stores. Also, you can compare several items, for example, even all day long. No one will mind.

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Social media can also lead to closings. After all, online stores exist not only as separate websites. Many people use Instagram, for example, to sell their products. If you purchase in this way, then you will most likely find what you need. This is also one of the advantages of online shopping.

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Not everyone likes the crowds in malls. Many people may experience panic attacks or just discomfort. Introverts prefer spending time with a cup of coffee in the comfort of their own homes to drinking it with friends in a cafe in a mall.

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Many store owners are already switching to a different type of trading. Renting is quite expensive and often does not pay off. This can especially apply to stores that don’t sell necessary goods.

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There are enough reasons. However, malls are unlikely to start closing massively soon. Besides, many of these places have cinemas, gyms, and even offices in them. This is good news for all those who like to cheer themselves up with a walk around the shops!


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