Separate Kitchen and Living Room. Pros and Cons.

Studio apartment is a living space not separated by walls and doors. Recently, this house option has gained great popularity for a number of understandable reasons: more space, attractive prices, the ability to always be with loved ones. We are going to talk about the difference beetween open plan houses and the ones with a separate kitchen and living room.

For students or a childless couple, a studio apartment is a good option. Creative people see such spaces as an opportunity to bring to life their unusual ideas. However, such housing is not suitable for everyone. The way the studio apartment is equipped, significantly limits the resident’s potential. Today, Cook It is going to tell you when it’s better to refuse a studio apartment, so as not to kick yourself later.

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Small Studio Apartment

Fashion for such housing came to us from Japan, where in such a way they solved the problem of lack of living space for workers in factories. Later, Europeans and Americans fell in love with studios, and local students considered them convenient for parties.

Despite the apparent exclusivity, studio apartments are cheaper than housing with a standard plan. Moreover, the lack of walls between the rooms allows you to feel space even with a modest amount of square feet. However, the advantages of such apartments end there.

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Disadvantages of the Studio Apartment

No Place for Yourself

Living there alone is comfortable, but if you share a house with someone else, even with someone who’s very close, then comes a real disaster — it makes it impossible to be alone. If one of your roommates wakes up, then you can’t fall asleep anymore, because he or she will cook breakfast right above your head. Those who used to livein the hostel surely understand that.

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All of your things are in the same room where you are cooking. And even the most expensive exhaust hood with various air fresheners won’t save you. Therefore, your T-shirts, shirts, trousers and other items of clothing will emit a mouthwatering and completely inappropriate odour of homemade meatballs or smoked chicken. Now everyone will be pleased to know your culinary preferences.

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Along with the transverse wall, the possibility of installing hinged shelves and drawers disappears. This creates a mess. When you have a separate kitchen, you know that all the utensils are in one room.
Now the remote control from the TV can easily get lost among the pots. The kitchen towel sometimes appears under a pillow. No wonder, because there are just a couple of steps from the bed to the stove.

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The Difficulty of Replanning

But you can’t make any apartment into a studio. This is especially true of prefabricated houses, where the transverse walls serve as the main ones, and therefore no one will give permission for such repairs.

Few people want to take responsibility for the consequences of demolition of the parting wall, especially in an old house. In addition, there are so many expenses for such a replanning that it’s sometimes more profitable to exchange your one-room apartment for a two-room one.

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There is also a number of minor drawbacks of a studio apartment. For example, a more complicated ventilation and heating system, drafts, the inability to keep a pet, and more. Then everyone needs to decide for themselves whether they are ready to endure the significant cons of a studio apartment for a couple of questionable pros.


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