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Wine Floats Are Officially a Thing and We’re Here for It

First, there was wine, then wine ice cream. Now our two loves come together in the newest trendy thing: wine floats. Yes! The genius, aesthetically pleasing grown-up version of root beer floats is trending on Instagram as we head into the second half of the summer. Part ice cream and part wine, they’re exactly what we’ve been craving during these uncertain times.

Instructions are as simple as combining the two ingredients. Next, go as over the top as you wish with garnishes, such as fruits, berries, and syrups. Tens of hundreds of people have been posting their gorgeous wine floats, and let us tell you: they’re going to make you want to drop everything and run to the grocery store immediately.

Check out this chocolate raspberry wine float! Wine Wednesday has just taken an exciting turn.

Or, how about this perfect combination of red wine and strawberry ice-cream?

Isn’t this wine float garnished with berries the most delectable-looking beverage you’ve ever seen?

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If white wine is your your thing, the world is your oyster!


Are you asking yourself where this has been all your adult life?

For more pictures to feast your eyes on, search Instagram for the hashtag #winefloat!

Have you tried a wine float yet? What is your favorite wine and ice cream flavor combination? And, most importantly, have you tried making a wine float WITH wine ice cream, because we certainly would love to know your thoughts on that!

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