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Crafts With Building Materials

Today we would like to share with you some ideas for crafts with building materials. The design of flower pots, especially of a low price segment, can rarely be called an example of high art.

DIY garden decorations© DepositPhotos

Repetitive cylinders and cones are a dull scene. It’s difficult to correct such an impression even with favorite plants.

crafts with building materials

Fortunately, unusual flower pots and flower stands can be made with your own hands. You don’t need anything special for this. Even the leftover building materials and what we usually consider to be garbage will do.

Crafts With Leftover Building Materials

Today we will dwell on large-scale arrangements for a garden, greenhouse or a spacious house.

As the main mixture we will use ordinary cement. The classic concrete recipe: 1 part of cement, 2 parts of sand, 3 parts of filler: pebbles, shells, chicken grit or multi-colored aquarium soil will do.

Unusual Planter Made of Beer Bottles and Concrete

You Will Need:

  • trimms of sheet plastic or linoleum
  • 6 ceramic tiles 8×24 inch (20×60 cm) or trimmed tiles of the same size
  • 15–20 glass bottles
  • cement, sand, water
  • acrylic paint for concrete
  • large plastic bowl

Progress of Work

  1. Knead cement mixture.
  2. Roll two rings out of plastic. The height of the rings should approximately be equal to the length of the neck of the bottle, and the difference in diameter between the rings should be twice the diameter of the bottles.
  3. Place the smaller ring in the center of the larger one on plastic wrap.crafts with building materials
  4. Place all the bottles upside down between the rings.
  5. Fill the gaps with the prepared mixture. crafts with building materials
  6. Give the concrete time to harden; fill ¾ of the bowl with sand in the meantime.
  7. Flatten and tamp the sand, then insert 6 ceramic tiles into it at the same distance from the center.crafts with building materials
  8. Tamp sand around the tiles and fill its surface with a layer of mixture about 2 inch (5 cm) thick. Let the mixture harden.
  9. After that, carefully remove the sand layer.planter with building materials
  10. Now we need to form the bottom of our flowerpots and put the tile stand in it. To do this, place the ring with the bottles concrete side up. Fill the inner circle with sand, without reaching the edge of the ring, tamp the sand and insert a stand from tiles.
  11. Pour a layer of cement mixture over the sand. Let it harden. Sand the hardened concrete surface.
  12. Paint the flower stand with acrylic paint, which will fill all cracks and hide unevennesses.planter with glass bottles
  13. Fill the container with soil and transplant your favorite plants into bottles planter

Planter Pot With Aquarium Stand

You Will Need:

  • toilet lid
  • 12 toilet paper rolls
  • 30 curved plastic parts of the same shape
  • 1 large plastic funnel
  • 3 ¼ ft (1 m) plastic water pipe
  • multi-color spray paint
  • cement, sand, water
  • fishbowl

Progress of Work

  1. Knead cement mixture.
  2. Place a toilet lid on plastic wrap. Fill it up to the edges with the mixture. Let it harden.
  3. Lay a layer of mixture on one edge of the concrete lid, place a circle of toilet paper rolls into it.leftover building materials
  4. Form a side from the mixture on the rest of the stand.
  5. Insert all but five plastic parts into the mixture at the same distance from each other.leftover building materials
  6. Let the composition dry a little, then fill all the rolls with cement mixture.
  7. Install a plastic pipe vertically in the center of the rolls circle.
  8. Fill the space between the rolls with the mixture. leftover building materials
  9. Insert funnel into the end of the pipe, fill it with the mixture, install plastic parts around the perimeter of the funnel, forming a place under the aquarium.leftover building materials
  10. Paint the composition with spray paint.leftover building materials crafts
  11. Plant real flowers or lay out artificial ones. Set up a fish bowl decor from leftover building materials
  12. An unusual stand for flowers and a fish bowl is bowl decoration from building materials

Perhaps the planters and flower stands that we showed today won’t please everyone. But, using the method described above, anyone can make their own amazing crafts from the leftover building materials.


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