Egg Water for Plants

The famous British scrupulousness can make a science out of anything. Even something as basic as cooking eggs. Today we’re going to tell you how you can use egg water for your house plants.

Laboratorians of the University of Birmingham have carefully studied the chemical reactions that take place during the boiling of eggs. Experts concluded: you should save this water.

Egg Water for Plants

Eggshells are 90% calcium carbonate. They also contain 27 more elements, including phosphorus, fluorine, copper, silicon, zinc. When boiling eggs, the water is saturated with calcium and other micronutrients.

Calcium ions are so small they can easily enter and leave an organic cell. By doing this, they trigger chemical reactions in the cell with the synthesis of nutrients.

This property of egg water is especially valuable for plantsmen. Chemists have found that such water stimulates plant growth by 10 times! Seeds soaked in this water give strong sprouts. Seedlings are more resistant to pests and diseases.

In addition to stimulating plant growth, egg water helps to keep the soil acidity between 5.5 and 6.5 pH. This is important because a neutral environment provides plants with optimal conditions for nutrient absorption.

How to Use It

After cooking the eggs, pour the water into a separate container, and immediately pour the eggs with ice water so that you could separate the shell easier. Cool the egg water and use for watering and spraying indoor plants throughout the day.

Calcium deficient plants are easy to spot: leaves with dry ends and brown spots. The sprouts grow slowly with small leaves.

Chicken eggs are a true waste-free product. And now you know how to use egg water to make your indoor plants strong and healthy. Was this article useful?


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