Fear of the Future

For the most part, middle-aged people dread the coming old age. It is especially true for women. Statistically, they are more concerned about the imminent changes they will have to face than men. Therefore, the transition period can be more difficult and more painful for them. Of course, few people will happily embrace wrinkles, grey hair, and menopause, but this is not the only reason for fear of the future.

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In reality, the fear of aging appears because a person has either achieved their goals or have long given up on them, leaving them at a loss about what to do next. It feels as if life is about to come to an end, and there is no point in setting new goals and resolutions.

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However, we are sure that if you pluck up enough courage to try to find a new meaning in life, aging will become one of the happiest periods of your life.

It’s Okay To Be Scared of the Future

When we’re young, we have a swarm of ideas in our heads about what to with our lives, and each of them is equally tempting. We feel as if we’ll remain young forever, and a bright future is ahead of us. Therefore, we are not afraid to take risks and experience something new.

We are not bound by any obligations, and we do not have to live up to anyone’s expectations. We are left to our own devices, and we feel free. During this period, the goal is to find ourselves.

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As we grow older, we typically start a family and have children. Our priorities and goals change, regardless of whether or not we have achieved what we initially set out to do. We do not think much about it, because now, our children are the meaning of our life. We need to think about providing for them, educating them, and raising them to be good people.

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Some people manage to find a hobby they love that becomes their dream job, whereas others aren’t so lucky. For those whose work is only a means to an end, children become the top priority. However, children grow up and become independent, craving to go on their own search for the meaning of life.

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And when our children no longer need our constant attention, we are at a loss about what to do next. Feeling lost and angry, having a fear of the future totally overwhelms a person’s sense of stability and control. They realize that they have already lived most of their life yet they hadn’t had enough time to fulfill themselves.

Or perhaps the meaning of life was to fall in love with your significant other, but that love has faded away with time? It feels too late to separate, and there’s no reason to do so because “you can’t face old age alone.”

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How to Overcome the Fear of the Future

Whatever the case may be, the point stands: we are not afraid to grow old but terrified of losing what we already have. However, is it worth holding on to something that doesn’t bring us joy? Is it worth staying in the so-called comfort zone when you don’t feel comforted? Absolutely not.

Finding the meaning of life requires taking risks: trying new things, ending relationships that don’t benefit us anymore, changing jobs, getting out of our comfort zone. You need to be able to seize the moment and enjoy every sunrise, enjoy every day, and not spend your days lamenting the inevitable.

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Old age is not a sentence but a testament to strength. It can open up ample opportunities — you only need to have enough courage to take them.

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Never forget that you need to treat yourself with respect, no matter what changes happen to you. You can feel beautiful and happy at any age, but any transformation starts inside each one of us.

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