Feminine Hygiene Mistakes To Avoid

Feminine hygiene is a rather sensitive topic. It is not customary to discuss it publicly. Often, even inside the family. As a result, people grow up and often continue to make the same mistakes. But they are easy to avoid!

Indifference to intimate hygiene can cause health problems. Let’s see what mistakes almost every woman makes.

Feminine Hygiene Mistakes To Avoid

Using Toilet Paper Incorrectly

Doctors emphasize that washing and wiping should be done only from front to back. Otherwise, bacteria can disrupt the natural microflora. The most common bacterial disease is cystitis.

Using Hygiene Products With an Aggressive PH

Antibacterial soaps and perfumed shower gels contain aggressive surfactants. They damage the sensitive skin, disrupt its microbiome and cause irritation. Gynecologists advise you to use plain warm water, and sometimes intimate washes.

Using Unsuitable Products

It is also not recommended to use shower gels with oils and perfumed particles on intimate areas. Their components damage the mucous membrane. You can use scrubs to fight ingrown hairs. However, choose products with fine particles. They will not damage delicate skin.

Ignoring Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hairs mainly appear after sugaring or waxing. They cannot be ignored, since they can cause inflammation. To solve the problem, temporarily skip hair removal procedures. Gentle scrubs are also helpful.

Using the Towel Incorrectly

Ideally, you should have a separate towel for intimate areas. However, in real life, it is enough that your towel is fresh and clean. Do not wipe the bikini area dry. It is enough just to blot it with a towel to avoid irritation.

Using Scented Products

Experts warn that interfering with the natural smell is not only pointless but also dangerous. Scented toilet paper, perfumed wipes, and special deodorants are just unnecessary. Moreover, these products can cause an allergic reaction.


You shouldn’t do this without a doctor’s recommendation. Especially if there are no serious reasons for that. After all, douching leads to washing out of good bacteria.

Rarely Changing Hygiene Products

It is recommended to change the pads and tampons every 4–8 hours. It depends on your flow. Nevertheless, gynecologists do not recommend wearing hygiene products for more than 4 hours, as bacteria can grow in them too.

Wearing Panty Liners

Doctors do not recommend using panty liners (especially perfumed ones) every day. The fact is that they block air circulation. If you are worried about your heavy flow, it is worth finding out what causes it. Visit your gynecologist.

Wearing Poor Quality Underwear

The most common mistake in intimate hygiene is the wrong underwear. Panties made of synthetic materials block air circulation and don’t absorb moisture. This way harmful bacteria multiply in the intimate area.

After a workout, by the way, it is also better to change underwear. During physical activity, we sweat more intensely. For doing sports, it is better to choose classic underwear. But for a walk, you can wear thongs or Brazilian briefs.

To be honest, I made many of these mistakes unintentionally. After all, the understanding of feminine hygiene was formed in childhood, when there was no access to so many sources of useful information. Was our article helpful? Let us know in the comments!


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