Food Leftovers Recipes

It seems awful that about half of all food produced goes to landfills for a variety of reasons. Some products don’t even get to the table of the final consumer, some we don’t eat, and other we throw away while cooking. Today we are going to tell you how to use food leftovers.

You will be able to save on food and not create excess food waste. After all, you can sometimes make something tasty even from useless (at first glance) scraps.

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Food Leftovers


Often when cooking pies or other sweets, cores or trimmings, for example, from apples, remain. Of course, we’d like to throw it all away, but it’d be much more reasonable to put everything in a bag and freeze it. When you have time, you can make a great compote from it.

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Vegetables and Roots

Slices of carrots, halves of onions or trimmed peppers you also can store in the freezer. And when there is nothing more suitable at hand, it will be easy to take out these stocks and cook a vegetable broth. Is it worse than rushing to a store for some fast food urgently?

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It can be difficult to calculate the amount of ingredients so that after the fuss with baking there is no extra dough left. By the way, the remains of dough can also be frozen. The main thing is not to forget to indicate the date and type of food, otherwise you can’t tell later where is the dough for cookies, and where lies the one you made for pizza.

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We always need this food at the table, but you either forget to buy it, or can’t eat it on time. In the latter case it becomes stale, but throwing away even stale bread is unnecessary. After all, you can cut the bread into cubes, drizzle with oil and spices and dry it in the oven to get delicious croutons for soups and salads.

In addition, sweet croutons can be made from white bread, and garlic ones from the rye bread. Pieces of bread can also be crushed in a blender and fried in a dry pan to make bread crumbs. Also there are also many great baking recipes where dried bread is one of the ingredients.

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If we have to grease the pastry with whipped egg white, we usually throw away the yolk. But you can also make something from it, for example, Hollandaise sauce. And you can put it in an air-tight container and place in the freezer, so that later you can use it for your culinary masterpieces. Just don’t forget to indicate the date.

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A homecook has to spend a lot of energy on each jar of jam. Yet all too often you put new jars on the shelves, and last year’s product is still there, collecting dust. It’s a pity to throw out the sweet treat, but there is little hope that you will eat it in time. So why not make homemade wine from old jam?

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Such a conscious way of living will not only reduce the amount of food waste, but also help you save money on food. This is especially relevant in the winter. Therefore, try to use our tips so that you still can eat the food leftovers and they don’t go to waste!


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