Genes Inherited From Parents

Each of us at least once wondered what his or her child would be like. Will the child inherit the appearance, turn out smart and healthy? And, in the end, will he or she take after mom or dad? Well, scientists have been asking this question for a long time. And not so long ago they learned many new facts about genes inherited from parents.

Many people saw the formulas by which one can calculate the color of the eyes and the sex of an unborn baby. However, science has progressed much further. Now we know how people inherit intellect, as well as mental health, and much more. Let’s see what exactly we inherit from each of the parents.

Genes Inherited From Parents

The gender of the child will further affect which parent the child will inherit particular genes from.

Eye Color

Eye color is more likely to be father’s, but it still depends on the color itself. If in the mother’s family everyone has brown eyes, then there is a high probability that the child’s eyes will also be dark.


The teeth and the shape of the jaw strongly affect the shape of the face and, of course, the smile. In this regard, male genes are stronger than female ones.

Mental Health

These studies are relatively new. According to them, schizophrenia is inherited from a father, and this risk increases with every year of life. The fact is that a man’s genes mutate during the life. A woman is born with a certain set of eggs, and their DNA doesn’t change throughout her life.


A man inherits intellect from his mother. And she inherited it from her father. Moreover, the daughter always inherits half of the intellect of the father.

  • According to this formula, every man inherited intelligence from his mother, or rather from his grandfather.
  • A tip for men: if you want to know how smart your son will be, take a closer look at your father-in-law.
  • A tip for women: your son will resemble his grandfather. And your daughter will be intellect-wise closer to her father.

Well, if we talk about obvious inherited traits, like height or leg size, the genes of a father play a major role in this. Of course, it is impossible to calculate everything to the smallest detail, but you shouldn’t forget about such a powerful thing as genes. It is always best to be educated on this matter, don’t you think?


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