How to Grate Parmesan Cheese in a Blender

Most people would probably say they’ll eat just about anything with Parmesan cheese. A classic for a reason, Parmesan is a subtle ingredient that takes you a very long way flavor-wise. Not only does it provide delicious, nutty chunks for nibbling, but it also fills an unparalleled role as one of the most extremely sophisticated seasonings.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that every recipe is better with high-quality cheese, whether it be pasta, pizza, salad, or soup. In grated form, Parmesan is the topping of choice for every type of occasion, from casual cheesy scalloped zucchini to elegant cheese tortellini in garlic butter sauce.

Freshly Grated Parmesan

There’s a radical difference between freshly grated Parmesan and grated Parmesan that has sat on your counter for hours. And don’t even get us started on store-bought varieties! For this reason, it is best to grate Parmesan right before you need to use it.

Besides, grating it yourself is cheaper, too. Getting a block of fresh cheese and then grating it in the comfort of your kitchen is much more budget-friendly than purchasing that over-priced pre-packaged nonsense that doesn’t even taste like Parmesan.

The only con of grating Parmesan yourself, of course, is that it may not be the most enjoyable task. It can be a little time-consuming and messy. Microplanes are also notoriously frustrating to wash, too. Those small holes look quite intimidating when you’re faced with the chore of cleaning them! Don’t despair, though; we do have a solution. You can grate your Parmesan cheese in a blender. Here’s how.

How to Grate Parmesan Cheese in a Blender


Cut Parmesan into roughly two-inch slices and pop them in the blender. All you ought to do next is experiment with the speed since it depends on your specific blender model. Lo and behold! An annoying task has turned into something much more simple.

A blender is pretty easy to clean, especially in comparison with a grater or a Microplane. Plus, if needed, you can grate Parmesan in bulk in no time. With this brilliant culinary tip, it has never been easier to add that essential finishing handful of grated Parmesan to your dishes.

Have you ever attempted to grate Parmesan cheese in a blender? If so, please share your feedback in the comments section below!


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