Healthy Everyday Breakfast Options

Today we’ve prepared something special for you! We selected the best healthy breakfast options that would help you stay fit. It is known that you should eat breakfast. But not everyone succeeds in following this rule: someone gets up too early, someone is constantly late, someone just can not eat a bit in the morning (coffee doesn’t count).

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At the same time, a balanced breakfast is crucial for maintaining energy and vitality. Even ancient indian gurus wrote about how important it is to “fire up” the digestion in the morning.

According to most nutritionists, breakfast should be natural and light, while providing you with energy for the whole day. A versatile breakfast that would suit everyone, according to doctors, does not exist. After all, we all have our digestion peculiarities.

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However, each of us can start the day properly by choosing our perfect breakfast from the list of the healthiest morning meals prepared by Cook It team.

Healthy Everyday Breakfasts

Experts recommend consuming 25% to 40% of the daily food intake at breakfast. Fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals, dairy products, eggs and lean are best. Besides, nutritionists strongly advise to abandon canned, fatty and fried foods.

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School and college students, and those who perform mental labour should choose breakfasts that are rich in carbohydrates. It is a source of brain-activating glucose.

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However, people who perform physical work, need proteins to provide them with strength and energy. Milk, eggs, meat are essential products of their diet.

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Fiber, found in whole grain cereals, bread and legumes, satisfies for a long period of time, and therefore it is recommended to use in all breakfasts.

Note that many popular store bought muesli and granola breakfasts cannot be considered healthy due to the presence of flavor enhancers, food additives and sugar.

An interesting thing about breakfasts: abandoning them does not lead to weight loss. On the contrary, people who refuse to eat in the morning have a slow metabolism and put on about 6–13 lb (3–6 kg) per year. Having not received calories for breakfast, the body makes us eat up at night.

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Can’t have breakfast because you feel sick in the morning? Stop dining late, get up earlier and drink a glass of warm water with lemon and honey 10 minutes before breakfast. This will wake the stomach and start the digestive processes.

Top 15 Healthiest Breakfasts

Homemade Muesli

Store bought muesli usually aren’t the healthiest thing in the world. But it can be prepared at home from natural ingredients. To do so, soak oats in water or milk, and when they swell, add berries, fruits, nuts and a spoonful of honey or jam.

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Toast With Avocado and Poached Eggs

Poached egg is an ideal morning meal. It is enough to add a slice of fresh tasty bread, mashed avocado, and a cup of aromatic coffee to it and your breakfast is ready.

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Pistachio Rice Pudding

This is a great breakfast option for those who watch their health and keep their figure. Pistachios are a quite high-calorie product, but they contain only healthy fats, and there are more than enough vitamins in them.

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Carrot Pancakes

Carrot pancakes are hearty, tasty and good for your health and body. Children love them for their sweetness and a cheerful orange color.

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Buckwheat Porridge With Milk

Buckwheat is considered one of the best dietary products. It helps get rid of excess weight, cleanses the body, fills it with healthy elements.

Milk is a source of calcium. This element is very healthy for children and the elderly people, as it helps to strengthen bones. By combining these two products, we get a delicious and healthy breakfast for the whole family.

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Chicken Noodle Broth

Chicken broth with carrots, celery and noodles is good for digestion, rich in proteins and carbohydrates, so it’s a good start for a working day.

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Avocado Smoothie

Great breakfast for those with active mornings. Versatile recipe: ½ avocado, ½ cup (125 g) of plain white yogurt, ½ cup (120 ml) of milk, 1 banana, a pinch of vanilla and a little spinach.

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Sandwiches With Cottage Cheese and Herbs

Like it or not, a sandwich is still the fastest breakfast. You can make it healthier by replacing white bread with bran or whole grain one. Cut fresh herbs onto low-fat cottage cheese and spread the mixture on bread, top off with a piece of boiled turkey or chicken.

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Cottage Cheese and Pumpkin Casserole

A simple, tasty and healthy dish, which can be prepared both in the oven and in the slow cooker.

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Flour Tortilla With Filling in a Waffle Iron

Wrap any filling in tortilla: a bit of cottage cheese and herbs; bananas, raisins and nuts; mozzarella with basil. Fry in a dry frying pan or in a waffle iron.

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Avocado-Baked Eggs

To double the amount of omega-3 in your breakfast, bake eggs in avocado. This dish has huge health benefits for the heart due to its high content of protein, fiber and polyunsaturated fats.

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Quinoa Porridge With Fruit

Quinoa is perhaps the most affordable superfood. NASA experts have included this product in astronaut diet claiming that it has no plant-based superior in the nutrient content. Thus, quinoa contains 14–18% protein, while buckwheat contains 12%, and rice only about 7%.

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Greek Yogurt With Bran and Berries

All yogurts are an excellent source of calcium, potassium, protein, zinc and vitamins B6 and B12. Serving yogurt with fruits and berries will make it even tastier and healthier.

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Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

Fast and hearty breakfast, the filling of which can vary to your taste. You can complete it with a tomato slice or remove the ham and add fresh herbs to the cheese.

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Vegetable Omelet

Omelet with vegetables bakedin the oven is a quick and healthy breakfast for the whole family! It is known that there are more vitamins and minerals left in baked meals compared to boiled or fried ones. Baked omelet doesn’t contain harmful carcinogens that appear during the frying process.

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Foods That Are Not Suitable for Breakfast

These foods eaten for breakfast are unlikely to make you healthy.

  1. Fatty meat and any foods cooked with plenty of fat
  2. Pastry, cakes, shortcakes, dumplings
  3. Potato, especially not freshly cooked one
  4. Pickles, smoked meats, preservation
  5. Sparkling water, store bought juices
  6. Candies

Listen to your body more often and try to go for the right delicious breakfasts, which will help not only lose weight, but also maintain good health. Enjoy your breakfast and be happy!


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