Household Life Hacks

Many people today have forgotten how to deal with everyday difficulties on their own. Some people often call specialists simply to hammer a nail, let alone more complex tasks! Fortunately, we have some useful household life hacks prepared for you.

For those who can’t call themselves a craftsman, but also don’t want to contact experts for every reason, there are articles like this!

Household Life Hacks for Everyday Situations

A plain tennis ball can help you deal with spots and scratches on a wooden floor. Attach a mop handle to it to easily wipe the surface!

temmis ball life hack© Pinterest

Dents on the carpet can be removed with ice. The ice should melt right in a dent, completely wetting it. Now all you have to do is give it a dab with a sponge.

ice life hack© Pinterest

A twisted chain from the toilet tank can be replaced with a plastic straw. The water will stop running!

straw life hack© FamilyHandyman

It is easy to unscrew rusty screws if you lightly pour them with vinegar before that.

vinegar life hack© Pixabay

Lubricate the creaky hinges on the door with petroleum jelly and the sound will disappear.

petroleum jelly life hack© FamilyHandyman

Sliding patio door started to stick? Most likely, the wheels are clogged. Unscrew the screws at the bottom of the door, clean the wheels and the track, lubricate them properly and the problem will disappear.

sliding door life hack© Wikimedia

Do the doors often open by themselves? The problem is in the hinges. Remove the hinges, unwind and lubricate them. That easy!

hinges life hack© Flickr

If the door lock sticks slightly when opening or closing, most likely you began to use it, before the paint has dried out. Waxing can temporarily solve the problem. Otherwise, it would be nice to sand a badly painted place and paint it again with acrylic paint.

door lock life hack© Wikimedia

If the key doesn’t turn in the door lock, the lock must be lubricated. Oddly enough, graphite powder should be used here, because oil will only become a magnet for dirt.

key life hack© Pixabay

A waterfall gushing from a drainpipe? It’s definitely clogged somewhere. Rinse it with water, and use a wire hanger to remove blockage.

drainpipe life hack© Flickr

If the faucet is leaking, turn off the water, unscrew it and lubricate the O-ring. So it will work longer until you find a replacement for it or the faucet.

faucet life hack© PublicDomainPictures

If a radiator doesn’t heat, it may still be filled with air. Open the bleed screw, let the air go out and then try to let the water in.

radiator life hack© Wikimedia

A loosely hanging switch can only seem that way. Check if the screws aren’t too short. Quite often the probl
em lies in there.

switch life hack© Youtube

Filler for wood will help you eliminate any cracks or dents on the skirting boards.

cracks life hack© Flickr

It’s easy to fix a clogged sink by pouring in half a cup of baking soda and half a cup of vinegar. Just remember to remove the plug first!

clogged sink life hack© Wikimedia

As for a creaky hardwood floor, baby powder will save the day. It will sink into the cracks and the boards will no longer rub against each other.

creaky floor life hack© Youtube

Perhaps you should blame not fully screwed in water valve for the low water pressure in the toilet!

water pressure life hack© Wikimedia

The smell of mold from the washing machine disappears if each time after washing, you leave the door half-opened for a while. Well, once a month it would be nice to wipe the door with a mixture of water and vinegar.

washing machine life hack© Wikimedia

You can remove the lime settled on the sink by spreading paper towels sank in vinegar on top of the stains for some time.

lime life hack© Youtube

Does the cabinet door shut loudly? A small layer of hot glue will solve the problem. Having dried, it will become an excellent filler.

hot glue life hack© Youtube

We believe that these household life hacks will come in handy to you!


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