How to Clean Your Apartment: 9 Simple Tips

Everyone wants their home to look neat and tidy. However, it is sometimes hard to maintain order, and cleaning products don’t come cheap either. Besides, synthetic cleaners can cause allergies and skin diseases.

Natural house-cleaning methods are becoming more and more popular every day. Cook It would like to share with you a couple of ideas on how to clean your apartment with the help of simple tips and improvised means.

Cleaning Your Apartment

1. Cleaning the Shower Head

Spray vinegar on the shower head, wrap it in a plastic bag, and leave it overnight. It will look as good as new in the morning!

2. Cleaning the Walls

When we decide to deep-clean our home, we often forget about the walls, which also accumulate dirt. Prepare a solution of one part water and one part salt, and use it to wash the walls.

3. New Cleaning Contraption

Your vacuum cleaner does not have a nozzle for hard-to-reach places? No problem! You can use an empty toilet paper roll as one.

4. Mop Out of Sock

Use a sock instead of a mop cloth. Isn’t this a clever use for single socks?

5. Shoe Cleaner

To remove scratches from shoes, use a cotton bud and nail polish remover with acetone.

6. Cleaning the Bathtub

Synthetic products can damage the bathtub enamel. To avoid this, use a natural solution: ½ tbsp of baking soda, ¼ tbsp of hydrogen peroxide, and 1 tsp of liquid soap.

7. Cleaning Carpets

Baking soda will help to quickly and easily clean carpets. All you have to do is sprinkle soda on top of one and then vacuum it. Moreover, soda helps remove unpleasant odors in the apartment.

8. Cleaning the Sofa

Sofa accumulates dirt and grime from numerous sources. Soda and alcohol, mixed in equal amounts, will help to clean the contaminated areas of the beloved piece of furniture no worse than expensive cleaning products.

9. Doing Dishes

If you add vinegar to the water when doing dishes, grease will come off like magic.

These tips on how to clean your apartment will help make your home neat and tidy. Most importantly, all these products are environmentally friendly and do not require huge expenses. For even more know-hows, read our article on house cleaning.

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