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How to Remove Negative Energy From Home With Salt

You can find many house cleaning products in household chemical stores. They are available, but, unfortunately, not very safe. Today we are going to tell how to make a natural disinfecting washing liquid that can also help you remove negative energy from your house. 

An old folk remedy — common salt. It is a great housekeeping assistant. Suitable for laminate flooring, tile, linoleum and surfaces painted with waterproof paint, it has got a lot of usages. Let’s look into all its advantages.

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How to Clean the Floor at Home

Salt solution is quite good when it comes to washing away various types of dirt and removing stains. Even dust doesn’t stick so much to surfaces treated with salted water.

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To get rid of the stains, the salt solution must be very concentrated, corrosive even. It’s very good to add a little more baking soda to it, half the amount of the salt. It will perfectly cope with dirt on kitchen surfaces.

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However, be careful. It is necessary to carry out procedures with salt using gloves so that it doesn’t end up on the hand scratches. Avoid using salt while cleaning marble, granite and laminated surfaces. Salt should be diluted in warm water so that it completely dissolves and doesn’t leave stains.

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Salt is a good disinfectant. Helps eliminate sources of infections and germs. Especially irreplaceable for families with small children. It does not cause allergies or adverse reactions.

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If someone from the household has a cold, mopping with salt solution is going to help. While doing that, not only the floor surface will be cleaned, but also the air in the room will be disinfected.

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It is said that salt has energetic properties. The salt sprinkled in the house foreshadows a quarrel. However, purification with salted water is good. Salt cleanses the bad energy in the house, making room for the good one.

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Before cleaning, it is recommended to open the windows so that there is a draught in the room. The floor needs to be cleaned facing away from the window to the doorstep, thereby driving away negative energy from your house. After that you should take a shower and wash the clothes you wore while cleaning.

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You can also pour 3 tablespoons of salt in small bowls or bags and place them open in all corners of the house. Three days after cleaning the house, throw them in the trash and take it out of the house. Take note of these recommendations!


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