50 Of The Worst Kitchen Fails Ever

Not everyone is born with an innate talent for cooking. Most of us can easily follow a recipe and whip up something edible — even if it isn’t gourmet. Others count their blessings and are thankful for pre-made food and takeout and delivery. However, some people must not, under any circumstances, come near the kitchen, because, living in the age of the Internet, proof of their unsuccessful cooking attempts forever ends up in compilations of the worst kitchen fails ever.

Have you ever proclaimed yourself a failure in the kitchen and vowed never to cook again? Don’t worry; you’re probably not as bad as you think. Check out this compilation of epically hilarious kitchen fails to make sure. From expectation versus reality scenarios to utter disasters, here are 50 cooking fails that will probably make you feel better about your cooking skills.

50 Hilarious Kitchen Fails That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Cooking Skills

  1. When your bread was supposed to be smiley faces, but ended up looking like tortured souls.
  2. A cake that made half of the children at the birthday party cry.
  3. That time when you take on a pressure cooker and lose.
  4. It was going pretty well before the actual baking commenced.
  5. The scariest-looking dish of eggs with rice ever made.
  6. If you forget you’ve left something on the stove, you get slightly overcooked caramel.
  7. Whoever baked this pastry seems to have displaced an item.
  8. Is it me, or do all Pinterest recipes end up looking something like this?
  9. “Wife came home to this.” Well, at least he apologized.
  10. A for effort, but consider sticking to takeout and delivery.
  11. When you tried to make chocolate-covered bananas for a school function, and they didn’t quite turn out as expected.
  12. In case you were wondering, this is what defeat looks like.
  13. A meatloaf baby that should never ever have been made.
  14. I don’t think I’ll ever look at brownies in a mug the same.
  15. Got drunk, got munchies, and fell asleep whilst cooking.
  16. When you run out of cooking chocolate and have to melt a bunny.
  17. A snowman that turned out a little different than expected.
  18. Had a little accident in the kitchen, no biggie.
  19. A lunch that went massively nuclear. A baking pan would’ve been helpful.
  20. The eyes slid down the side and the bunny ended up looking a bit kooky.
  21. Talk about pancake goals as big as your dreams.
  22. Perhaps it is time to invest in a rice cooker.
  23. How to make a cheap sushi roll at home.
  24. Would you like a slice of the octopus pie?
  25. “This is why I don’t cook.” You’re right not to.
  26. SpongeBob SquarePants is looking a little worse for wear.
  27. Don’t you just hate it when your ‘lasaga’ does not turn out as expected?
  28. This is what happens when you ‘think’ it’s glass.
  29. “How I know my girlfriend was cooking today.” At least she’s consistent.
  30. What an excellent way to start a beautiful day!
  31. This is what happens when you’re broke but creative.
  32. Expectations vs. reality. Cookie monster cupcakes gone very, very wrong.
  33. First time trying to make buffalo wings. Went well, don’t you think?
  34. A chef extraordinaire. Cutting skills: top of the line.
  35. It is an electric kettle, people, an ELECTRIC kettle!
  36. The grossest-looking steamed hotdogs I have ever laid eyes on.
  37. Pro tip: when cooking, don’t remove all the spice lids at the same time.
  38. Next time, avoid putting a ceramic bowl on a burner.
  39. The gluten-free skeleton that got some meat and some pink in the cheeks.
  40. Spinach baby that, once again, should never have been made.
  41. A Friday night versus a Saturday morning be like…
  42. At least the flower has the right number of petals.
  43. When you try to make pasta but make stalagmites.
  44. My son refused to eat it and said, ‘Why Is The Plane Broken?’
  45. “I got a bread-maker for Christmas. This is how my first loaf came out.”
  46. Oh, so this is why they’re called ‘deviled’ eggs.
  47. This cookie is not fat, it is big-boned!
  48. Note to self: never ever again cook when drunk.
  49. Artisan creates a bold re-imagining of a classic book cover.
  50. This is why you poke things with a fork before you put things in the oven.

Which of these kitchen fails you found the funniest? Feel free to add to this compilation with your own culinary fails!


I am an English major with a love of languages and fiction, and with an incurable travel bug. In my free time, I read fantasy, drink copious amounts of coffee, and like to go see movies. Culinary art means everything to me. My main hypostasis is the taster, though. The music school has taught me to appreciate the symphony of airy meringues, to create harmonious overtures of light snacks, hard rock of meat, fish, and vegetables on the grill. Choir classes have accustomed me to hear and feel the people nearby and create perfect harmonies of sounds.

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