Martha Stewart’s Cleaning Tips

House cleaning is unlikely to be avoided. But it’s easy to do everything faster, more effortless and efficient. Todat we are going to share with you some secrets of Martha Stewart‘s cleaning.

Martha Stewart’s Cleaning Rules

These tips will help you simplify and speed up the time-consuming cleaning process, reducing the duration from a day to a few hours. It turns out that everything can be much simpler!

Hands Should Be Free

If you have not one, but two hands free, it will not only simplify, but also greatly speed up the process of cleaning the kitchen. An apron with large convenient pockets can help with this. You can put detergents and rags there, and if necessary, quickly take them out.

martha stewart's cleaning

Accurately Measure the Amount of Cleaning Product

Are you familiar with the situation when you want to pour out quite a bit of cleaning powder on a rag or surface, but accidentally spill so much that you then have to spend time cleaning the kitchen from this unfortunate incident? There is a way out, and it is obvious. Just place duct tape over some of the holes on the detergent bottle.

Cover the Books From Dust

Books quite easily collect dust, which is hard enough to clean later. In order not to spend a huge amount of time wiping each book from dust separately, just cover the top of the shelves with linen stripes.

Cactus Dust

This is already a rather difficult task. Indeed, in order to remove dust from ordinary houseplants, it is enough to simply wipe them with a damp cloth. For a cactus take a wall brush and wipe the plant between the spines.

Move Furniture Easily

It’s still possible to deal with a small table alone, but what about larger furniture? Try laying towels under your feet. Then you do not have to make huge efforts to move large furniture and the floor won’t be scratched.

Candle Jars

It happens that candle jars look very attractive, and you already know where to use them after. Don’t give up if the only problem is wax residue. Just place the jars in the freezer. Now it will be much easier to remove the wax.

martha stewart's cleaning

Cleaning a Dirty Pan

If you can’t get burned-on food off the pan, try using a dry sponge and baking soda. Cleaning will become much easier, and you will achieve the result faster. This method doesn’t work for non-stick surfaces.

martha stewart's cleaning tips

Dusty Lampshade

This is a problem for many, especially if your lampshade’s surface is pleated. Damp cloth won’t much of a help here. But you can’t leave it dusty anyway, so we have a solution. Try using a lint roller.

martha stewart's cleaning

Sharp Scissors

Many people don’t know how to sharpen scissors, but it’s so convenient when the blades are sharp. In fact, the task is very simple: cut a piece of foil, or better yet, double-sided sandpaper.

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Clean Pet Bed

Even if you cleaned the bed from wool, it’s too early to relax: a large number of bacteria invisible to the eye live in it. In order to get rid of them, from time to time treat the bed with a steamer to disinfect the surface.

Proper Use of Gloves

You are clearly familiar with the situation when you wash something in gloves, raise your hands, and all the water from the gloves begins to drain to your elbows. This is one of the most unpleasant situations during cleaning. To avoid this, simply roll the edges of the gloves up. This way the water wouldn’t drain, collecting in these “pockets”.

Incorporate Martha Stewart’s cleaning tips and spend the time meant for cleaning on yourself and your loved ones.


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