Best Way to Enjoy Brie

Store shelves are brimming with imported goods. Among them, you can find fruits and vegetables, meat, and dairy products. Yet people always have a particular weakness for cheese. Today we will talk about the best way to enjoy brie — one of the most beloved cheeses in the world.

Brie is an old French cheese, well-known since the Middle Ages. The king of cheeses was considered so excellent that people sent it to each other as gifts and looked forward to receiving such a parcel themselves. No wonder that it has won the love of many people and is popular to this day.



There are several varieties of cheese in the brie family. They have a pale grayish color and are made from unpasteurized cow’s milk in the shape of a flat circle with a diameter of 12–24 inches and a thickness of 1–2 inches. The smaller the thickness, the spicier the cheese. Brie is soft; its taste resembles camembert, its aroma — ammonia.

Can You Eat The Rind On Brie?

brie rind

The rind consists of a white mold called Penicillium candidum, which can only be found on cheese. Therefore, brie is safe even for allergy sufferers. An allergy is typically caused by mold spores that enter the respiratory tract. Due to this, the allergic reaction to mold is confused with the body’s response to blooming. Cheese mold is a mycelium, not a spore, so eating the rind on brie is perfectly safe. Moreover, for gourmets, eating it is part of the gastronomic culture.

How to Serve Brie

serve cheese

Brie is produced all-year-round — it can be a part of the daily diet, as well as the holiday menu. Therefore, cheese is a universal food. The best way to enjoy brie is at room temperature, and store it from 25 °F to 35 °F. Brie is usually served in slices, and you can enhance its taste with crackers, bread, fruits, nuts, honey, or jam. Moreover, it is an essential part of the perfect cheese platter.

What Drinks to Serve With Brie

red wine

Brie tastes best with drinks that complement its soft and sophisticated taste. For example, if you are serving brie on a festive table, serve it with dry white wine (Vignone, Marsan, Riesling), red wine (Pinot Noir), or dark beer. In your daily diet, you can have gourmet cheese with freshly squeezed juice or apple cider.

brie cheese

If you are not familiar with brie cheese, we recommend that you quickly correct this tiny slip, especially if you like unusual tastes and combinations. This is precisely the case when the price matches the quality. Such a product will become the star of your holiday table and diversify your everyday diet. Bon appétit!


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