Lucky Colors to Wear on 2021 New Year’s Eve

It wouldn’t be true to say that 2020 was a lucky year. Therefore, each of us wishes that the year of the Metal Ox will bring us a bright future, good luck, love, and happiness. They say that the hardworking Ox will help all those who achieve everything in life on their own. But what is the right way to greet this year? Today we’re going to tell you what the lucky colors of the upcoming year are.

Astrology experts analyzed the traits of each zodiac sign, picked several tips for the earth signs, and also described in general how to celebrate the upcoming New Year’s Eve.

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Lucky Colors to Wear on 2021 New Year’s Eve

First of all, you should know that the symbol of the next year does not like pretentiousness. Therefore, for the celebration it is worth choosing outfits without ruffles and intricate decorations. But at the same time, there should be something interesting about the look. Slits, fluffy skirts, asymmetry work perfectly. However, everything is good in moderation. The main thing is to keep it classy.

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Lucky Colors of 2021

  1. White: it attracts good luck in the upcoming year.
  2. Gray: it provides family well-being.
  3. Silver: a magnet for love.
  4. Steel and graphite: good for career and financial success.
  5. Natural colors of soil, trees, grass, sky, and water.
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Colors to Avoid

  1. Red and orange: associated with fire.
  2. Sea-green: deep water is dangerous.
  3. All the colors that can’t be found in nature.
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Now let’s talk in detail about what you should wear on New Year’s Eve if you’re an earth sign.


This is your year! Do not limit your imagination when choosing an outfit. Look for earthy warm tones in clothes, white, olive, and beige. Natural prints, boho style, floral motifs, and all kinds of hair accessories are also welcome.

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In the next year, Virgos must demonstrate their nobility to the Ox. For this reason, the best bet is to celebrate New Year’s Eve in a suit or jumpsuit. Alternatively, you can choose a top and a maxi skirt or a floor-length dress. Your goal is to hide the legs and at the same time create a mysterious look.

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Capricorns are in the closest relationship with the Ox. They are allowed to choose any cozy outfit for the celebration. Feel free to use bright makeup, nail design, and unusual hairstyle so that the symbol of the year could notice you.

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Now you know what the lucky colors of the approaching New Year are. Take note of the tips to win over the Metal Ox. And, of course, the most important thing: don’t forget to bring a good mood with you to the celebration!


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