Snacks in Japan

Japan is an enthralling destination for many reasons — nature, history, culture, and arts. However, for many travelers, Japanese food alone is reason enough to visit. Apart from sushi, the snack game in Japan is seriously top-notch!

Indeed, Japan offers a kaleidoscope of crazy-flavored things, both delicious and weird, befitting of its status as a global trendsetter. A snack in Japanese fast-food chains or grocery stores is like a trip to a museum: the assortment of flavors and presentation is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. From chocolate-covered potato chips to pink Pepsi and alcoholic juice boxes, everything looks so fascinating! Jump below to see 21 foods that prove that Japan is light-years ahead of the world when it comes to snacks.

Snacks in Japan

  1. Vending machines are literally at every step, and the selection is impressive.
  2. Speaking of vending machines, some fast-food restaurants have you place an order using one. It will be ready by the time you wash your hands and sit down.
  3. Portable ready-made pancakes to eat on-the-go? Sign us up!
  4. Sweet-tooths have the opportunity to snack on a cheesecake-flavored Kit Kat, and we’re jealous!
  5. Strawberries are expensive in Japan, but they come in different colors (and they’re all ripe).
  6. Not only their hospital food looks appetizing, but you also have options to choose from.
  7. Boiled eggs are a popular fast food. As a rule, the center has some spice for that extra kick.
  8. A sulfurous black egg boiled in thermal pools, anyone?
  9. Not sure if you’d rather snack on pasta or hot dog? The Japanese will help you with the choice!
  10. Japanese 7-Elevens sell pre-packaged ice-cream cones! How awesome is that?
  11. Do you crave something unusual? Try chocolate-covered potato chips!
  12. Of course, there are wacky foods like frozen escargot in Japanese Costco.
  13. Speaking of Costco, you can also get an entire platter of fresh sushi there.
  14. This Taco Bell in Japan has cute, star-shaped cheese.
  15. Sweet pink-colored rice cake garnished with pickled cherry blossom leaf looks pretty romantic.
  16. Next time you’re ready to crack open a beer, stop what you’re doing, hop on a plane to Japan, and check out their automatic beer-pouring machines.
  17. You can find alcoholic juice boxes with a straw — super convenient, isn’t it?
  18. The coffee flavor of a latte transformed into what looks like a bottle of water.
  19. Are your taste buds ready? This peach Coca-Cola is only available in Japan!
  20. Interestingly, strawberry milk-flavored pink Pepsi is also a thing.
  21. Isn’t this teeny-tiny can of beer the cutest beverage you’ve ever seen?

Japan always seems to be ahead of the curve no matter the industry, and for good reason. Which of these snacks would you be most excited to try? Tell us in the comments!


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