Personality Test: What Do You See First?

Subconscious is an abyss that hides many secrets. Psychologists have long figured out its power to turn your world upside down. Today, we are beyond excited to share with you a visual personality test that will reveal your fears and other internal states, as well as what you can do to deal with them. All you need to do is answer a question: what do you see first in the picture above?

When we look at something abstract, our consciousness immediately tries to analyze it, whereas our subconscious responds with feelings buried deep within it. The first animal you see will reveal your key personality traits.

What Did You See First?


You are open-minded, sincere, and good-natured, and unfortunately, people often take advantage of your kind-heartedness. Thus, you may experience deep fear that those around you are constantly trying to deceive you. Be careful. First, get to know the person well, and only when you feel that you can fully trust them, bare your soul.


You are someone who doesn’t like change. It’s hard for you to adjust to a new environment, a new group of friends or colleagues. You thrive on stability. After all, it’s more familiar and doesn’t require problem-solving. However, it may not always be the best choice, as it doesn’t challenge you to unlock your true potential.


You tend to be in conflict with yourself. Today, you want something and are feeling confident; tomorrow, you start to doubt yourself and underestimate your worth. You’re hot, and you’re cold, you’re yes, then you’re no, you keep changing your mind. Learn to make decisions, or other people will do it for you.


You are noble, polite, and intelligent. You find saying no to people challenging, and you end up with more commitments than you’re comfortable with. Learn to put yourself first and not feel guilty about it.


You are used to moving quickly — you act faster than you think. Because of this, you often find yourself in bizarre situations. You may need to work on biding your time and using it wisely to weigh your options, thus avoiding acting without thinking things over.

What did you see first? Do you agree with what this personality test says about you? Please let us know in the comments section below.


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