Habits for a Clean Kitchen

It’s much easier to maintain a clean kitchen than to force yourself to do deep cleaning when the room gets really messy, don’t you agree?

Today we would like to share with you some simple but essential habits that will help you keep your kitchen clean and tidy all the time.

Habits for a Clean Kitchen

Clean as You Go

Wiping grease splatters away immediately and putting the foods back when you don’t need them makes it much easier to maintain a clean room.

Don’t Place Dirty Utensils on the Counter

Having a spoon rest at hand is always great because it’s much easier to clean than the counter.

Sweep the Counters Nightly

Make it a habit to get rid of the counter clutter every evening.

Three Tools To Wash Right After Using Them

Be sure to wash your cheese graters, strainers, or chef’s knives immediately. It is much more difficult to wipe off dried-on food.

Keep the Cabinet Under the Sink Tidy

Remember that your cleaning tools and products should be easy to reach. This way it will be easier for you to keep the kitchen clean.

Choose Counter Areas for Specific Tasks

This way you only have to clean particular zones when they get dirty.

Don’t Wait Until the Dishwasher Is Too Full

If you put it off too long chances are you won’t be able to fit everything you need in it.

Empty the Dishwasher Right Away

It’s a good idea to start your day with an empty dishwasher so you can load it as the dishes get dirty.

Get in the Habit of Keeping an Empty Sink

It’s easier to start accumulating dishes in the sink if it’s already not empty.

Clean the Floors Every Night

This really makes a difference. Kitchen floors can get dirty especially quickly if you don’t have such a habit.

Minimize the Number of Things on Your Counters

Remember that empty surfaces tend to accumulate less clutter than crowded ones.

Clean up After Each Meal

Trust us, taking a break between your meal and the cleaning process will only make it harder for you.

“Shut Down” the Kitchen Every Evening

Never go to sleep if the kitchen is dirty. Be sure to complete all your daily tasks first (such as running the dishwasher or emptying the trash).

Clean Out the Fridge Regularly

It doesn’t mean you can forget about deep cleaning. But it’s also important to systematically check the fridge for expired foods.

Go Through Your Cabinets

Overcrowded cabinets make it difficult to take out the dishes every time, so keep only what you really use.

Make Cleaning Your Oven Easier

You’re less likely to put oven cleaning off if it’s not so difficult to do. Don’t make yourself deal with a large buildup of grime later. Add it to your monthly cleaning routine.

Wipe the Appliances After You Use Them

Every time you use the microwave or toaster check them for grease splatters or bread crumbs, as they can easily accumulate.

Sanitize Your Sink Regularly

Do we really need to explain why this is important? Make it one of your daily tasks to clean the kitchen sink. You can use soap, vinegar, or a disinfectant spray.

Empty the Trash Every Night

Every other night also works. It’s also better to have a smaller trash can and empty it more often than to have a stinky trash can that takes many days to fill.

Label the Fridge and Pantry

Adding labels to the shelves of your pantry can help you keep everything in place.

Create Routines

If you already have a cleaning routine it’s easier to keep up with all the chores you need to do.

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