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Husband and Wife Living in an Abandoned Sewer for 25 Years

For some, reasonable living conditions involve a large plot of land with a spacious house and a view of a forest and a river. Others are quite happy in a small city apartment in a safe neighborhood with good infrastructure. All people are different. We are all in different situations, and we have different world-views and set of requirements.

Today, Cook It will share with you a story of a couple who have been living in a very unusual home for 25 years. Although their abode is an abandoned sewer, they claim to be perfectly happy with their situation.

Going From Homeless to Squatters

Colombians Miguel Restrepo and Maria Garcia met more than a quarter of a century ago. At that point, the man had already lost his job and his home. It appeared that everything would only get worse.

Both Miguel and Maria quickly became addicted to illegal substances. However, their encounter was the pivotal moment that may have saved both of their lives. Supporting each other, they found the strength to overcome the circumstances and come to grips with their situation.

Having no home to call their own, they started looking for a place to live where they could feel safe. However, they had no savings and no friends or relatives who could help. As a result, an abandoned sewer became the new home for Miguel and Maria.

The local government has tried to force them out of the area because it is city property. Nevertheless, the couple always returned. It was there that they overcame addiction. Yet even after their lives began to improve, they did not start to look for a better place. Why?

Living in an Abandoned Sewer

Miguel thinks their tiny underground home on the southern outskirts of Medellin is the coziest and most comfortable place. It has heating, electricity, lights, a fan, and even a TV. There is also a small kitchen with a stove.

Still, the couple admits that their home could use improvement. At this point, however, it is only at the stage of contemplation. Nevertheless, no Christmas goes by without a Christmas tree and festive decorations.

The couple has a pet dog Blackie, who guards their place of residence whenever they are not at home. Miguel says that Blakey is a wonderful dog who makes even the most desperate of thieves keep away from their abode.

“I would not trade this for a house. I live better than the president,” Miguel boasts. “No one bothers me, and I don’t bother anyone. I go to sleep whenever I want. The locals love me. The president has lots of problems, and I don’t have any.”

The Family’s Dream

Miguel and Maria do have a dream. They want to win the lottery and go on a holiday to the Caribbean coast of their native Colombia.

Some feel sorry for these people. Nevertheless, they do not feel deprived of anything. They are content with their life, and they love the dwelling in which they have lived for more than 25 years. Therefore, they do not plan on changing anything.

For them, a home is not a beautifully renovated abode with fashionable furniture and modern household appliances, but a place where they feel happy and safe. Perhaps that is why Miguel and Maria claim that they have never even thought about moving. It looks like they love and appreciate what they have, and we do find it wholly admirable.


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