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What Happens in Houses That Have Aloe Vera Plants

Did you know that your windowsill aloe vera has amazing properties? Aloe vera plants have great energy, that can protect the family members from diseases and misfortunes.

The low-maintenance plant can bring joy into your life for a very long time. Aloe vera can live up to 100 years or more! Such “long-livers” are often passed down from generation to generation and become something of a talisman for the family.

What Happens in Houses That Have Aloe Vera Plants

Folk Beliefs

As we said before, aloe is an exceptionally positive plant. It always has a positive effect on how each of the family members feels. It is because of its great energy that many plant aloe vera at home.


Aloe is a symbol of healing and cleansing. Therefore, you can plant it in a room where a sick person stays. Many believe that aloe vera can even help with chronic depression.

Moreover, it does not matter at all what size and age the succulent is. Aloe vera plants will help with just their presence, they don’t have to be large.

In ancient times, people used a blooming aloe as a remedy to reduce pain and stimulate wound healing. The aloe leaves were dried and only then used as a charm. It was hung around the sick person’s neck.


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Some believe that if the leaves of an adult plant began to dry out, but the way you water it and the quality of the soil have not changed, something bad will happen in the house.

Aloe is believed to give beauty, freshness, and to strengthen romantic relationships between people.

There are even certain steps that a young girl had to do to attract love into her life:

  1. Pluck 13 leaves from a strong aloe plant.
  2. Ask the plant for forgiveness.
  3. Place the leaves in a dark, clean place for 12 days.
  4. On day 13, take the aloe leaves and burn them.
  5. Scatter the ashes near the threshold of the lover’s house.

For a wedding in some countries, it is common to give aloe vera plants instead of traditional bouquets. The newlyweds plant it and people believe that as long as the plant grows, their marriage will stay strong.

Blooming Aloe Vera Indoors

Indoors, aloe vera blooms very rarely. But if the plant grows out a flower stalk with small but frequent flowers at the top, the house has a good energy.

Even the place where you put the planter matters. The eastern side promises the prevention of quarrels and conflicts, as well as financial harmony. If you place it on the southern side, you can soon expect an improvement in romantic life.


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Rooms with aloe vera plants are even easier to breathe in. It is more comfortable to work and relax there, easier to collect your thoughts. We wish you that this feeling never leaves you, no matter where you are!


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