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Using Banana Peel as Fertilizer for Houseplants

Plants create a homely and welcoming atmosphere in the home. Moreover, lush greenery purifies the air and is pleasing to the eye in winter — and every other time of the year. A lot of caring hostesses plant chic gardens on their windowsills. However, our indoor plants might require special care, root and foliar nutrition, nutrient-rich fertilizers. Today, we would like to talk about two ways of using banana peel as fertilizer for houseplants.

If the plants show signs of wilting even when you regularly provide them with water, it is worth treating them to fertilizer from the pulp of a ripe banana or banana peel. The delicious fruit contains a large number of minerals that stimulate the growth of greenery and the development of the root system.

Banana Pulp Fertilizer

  1. To begin with, choose a ripe, and preferably overripe, banana, peel, and mash with a fork. banana pulp
  2. Add half a glass of purified water, mix and pour into the soil of a plant that needs first aid. banana pulp

Banana Peel Fertilizer

  1. Banana peel is good for plant routine. Cover it with 17 fl oz (500 ml) of purified water and leave it overnight. banana peel as fertilizer
  2. Mix one part banana tincture and five parts purified water — the fertilizer is ready! banana peel as fertilizer
  3. You can water the plants with the banana water regularly, and use the peel several times. banana peel as fertilizer

The home-made banana fertilizer is suitable for any plant, but you need to care for the individual needs of each plant.

Tell plant lovers and your green-thumbed friends about this simple recipe — they will be very grateful!


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