Best Food to Eat at Night

What is the best food to eat at night? Until recently, it was common to say that you shouldn’t eat after 6 p.m. This helps to stay fit and protect the stomach from overloading. But such a lifestyle doesn’t suit everyone. Irregular working hours and snacks on the go set their own rules.

If the last time you ate at lunch, it would be difficult to fall asleep with rumbling stomach. You go to the refrigerator and try to satisfy your hunger with something low in calories. But don’t forget: even such food can be digested for a long time. This causes poor sleep, heaviness in the stomach and body fat. We’ve created a list of ten easily digestible foods that you can eat at night.

What to Eat at Night


Soy products contain a large amount of protein, which makes them an excellent substitute for meat. At the same time, they have a high digestibility level. Therefore, you can safely eat tofu before bedtime, without worrying about the body condition.

tofu as late-night snack

Brussels Sprouts

This vegetable contains lots of vitamins. Besides, 9% of brussels sprouts is pure protein. The vegetable helps you cope with hunger, and is easy on the stomach.

brussels sprouts as late-night snack


We have known about the nutritional value of oatmeal and rice for a long time. But people often underestimate how loaded with fiber they are. Low in calories and very healthy, groats serve as a natural cleanser for the digestive system.

groats as late-night snack


If you’re buying liver, then it’s best to choose the beef one. Beef liver contains a huge amount of essential micronutrients. Due to the low fat content, the product is digested easily and without affecting your health.

liver as late-night snack

Cottage Cheese

A unique food that can be eaten right before bedtime. Unlike milk, cottage cheese is fully digested and even helps to lose weight. This is a source of protein, various minerals and B vitamins, which are necessary for the proper body functioning.

cottage cheese as late-night snack

Hard Cheese

Another dairy product that’s worth your attention. Thanks to fermentation, the cheese is quickly digested. Hard cheese is especially important for children who refuse to eat meat. The amount of protein in it is enough to ensure the full development of the young body.

hard cheese as late-night snack


Eggs don’t contain harmful compounds, so they must be included in the daily diet. This protein food is very quickly and fully digested.

eggs as late-night snack


Fish and seafood are incredibly nutritious and healthy. For example, low-calorie tuna helps to cope with cholesterol, and protein is digested by 95%, which is especially important for athletes. A small serving of fish at night will also soothe your stomach.

fish as late-night snack


When choosing beef, always pay attention to its age. The meat of young animals is digested faster, it is soft and tasty. So a boiled piece of tenderloin is a good option for an evening meal.

beef as late-night snack


Chicken is a dietary product, and the proteins it contains are digested better than other types of meat. But if you decide to eat chicken before bed, it is better to choose a breast. That way you’ll still get a good supply of vitamins.

chicken as late-night snack

Late dinner can bring extra pounds. But you don’t need to starve yourself. Just choosing the best food to eat at night is enough. That way your body will receive everything you need without harm and extra load!


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