How To Eat Brie Cheese

It’s so great that nowadays store shelves are full of unusual foreign goods. Among them, you can find, for example, exotic fruits and vegetables, foreign meat, and dairy products. Many have a particular weakness for cheese, and today we would like to tell you about Brie.

Brie is an old French cheese type, famous since the Middle Ages. The cheese of the kings was considered so exquisite that it was usually sent as a gift. It is not surprising that this food won so many people over and is still popular today.

How To Eat Brie Cheese

What Does It Look Like?

The cheese has a pale grayish color and is made from fresh cow’s milk in the form of a flat circle with a diameter of 12–26 inches (30-60 cm) and a thickness of about 2 inches (5 cm). The thicker the cheese, the less sharp it is. The brie cheese is soft, tastes like Camembert, and its aroma is similar to ammonia.

Should You Eat the Rind?

The white rind consists of Penicillium Candidum, which can only be found on cheese. Therefore, brie is safe even for those who suffer from allergies. It is safe to eat brie rind. Moreover, for foodies, the rind is a part of the cheese gastronomic culture.

How To Serve Brie

Brie is made all year round. You can include it in both your daily diet and holiday menu. Therefore, this cheese is called a versatile food. It is best eaten at room temperature and stored between +2 and –4 °C. Brie is usually served in slices, and you can perfect its taste with crackers, bread, fruits, nuts, honey, or jam.

Drinks To Serve With Brie

Brie is usually served with those drinks that complement its soft and sophisticated taste. For example, if you serve brie to a holiday table, then dry white wine (Vignone, Marsanne, Riesling), red wine (Pinot Noir), or dark beer are perfect. In your daily diet, you can complement the cheese with fresh juices or apple cider.

If you have not tried Brie cheese yet, we advise you to fix this mistake as soon as possible! Especially if you like unusual flavors and combinations. In this case, the price matches the quality. Such food will become a real jewel on your holiday table. It can also broaden your everyday diet. Bon appetit!


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