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The Ultimate Cake Flavor Combinations Cheat Sheet

Bakeries and pastry shops offer an endless variety of all types of desserts for every taste. Puff pastries, sponge cake pastries, shortcrust pastries, with fruits and berries, different creams and fillings… It is impossible to try them all! How do you find the sought-after one among the assortment — a cake in which all your preferred cake flavor combinations are in perfect balance?

Hence, a foolproof way is to make it yourself. If you find the classics boring and have no desire to analyze tons of recipes to figure out what flavors would go well together, use the constructor from Cook It. We have collected the most successful cake flavor combinations for every taste: perfect pairings of sponge, cream, and additional ingredients.

So what are some creative flavor pairings to try? Here’s our cheat sheet we think you will love very much.

chocolate sponge cake

vanilla sponge cake

carrot sponge cake

lemon sponge cake

honey sponge cake flavor combinations

cake flavor combination for puff pastry

Thanks to our ultimate cake flavor combinations cheat sheet, you no longer need to question whether or not pineapples and poppies will go well with mascarpone-based cream. Or spent hours trying small batches of recipes and seeing whether you liked them or not. What are your go-to flavor pairings? Share your recipes and tips in the comments, we would love to know!


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