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12 Crazy Coincidences That Will Make You Go, “No Way!”

Crazy coincidences happen all the time — more often than we’re able to catch them on camera. However, some lucky folks manage to capture incomprehensible, but pretty cool things.

Today, Cook It is beyond excited to share with you some impressive shots that netizens have kindly shared on their social media. Without further ado, here are 12 crazy coincidences that will make you go, “No way!” Enjoy!

12 Crazy Coincidences You Won’t Believe Actually Happened

  1. These guys’ opposite haircuts complete each other perfectly.
  2. This looks like a glitch in the matrix.
  3. This boy is a real-life version of a character in his book.
  4. That time when you’ve matched all of your accessories to a tee.
  5. 33607 is this guy’s hometown zip code, t-shirt, race number, and finishing time.
  6. “My husband Ken found a mini plastic version of himself at HomeGoods.”
  7. A man went inside to get a coffee, and came back out to a crazy coincidence.
  8. Unique brand identity? No, never heard of it.
  9. Whoa! Can someone explain what’s going on here?
  10. This guy went to his friend’s place to meet his new kitten. What are the chances?
  11. Half the egg’s yolk boiled outside of the shell into the shape of a chicken.
  12. Well, that’s super neat — these two separate couples are matching inversely.

As you can see, crazy coincidences do happen in real life. You never know exactly when a very strange set of circumstances will unfold. So keep your camera close at hand just in case you manage to capture it in time.


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