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Creative Storage Systems for Small and Large Apartments

Our houses are reflections of ourselves and our life, and maintaining order in the house is very important. According to Marie Kondo, the author of the bestselling The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: “Effective cleaning involves only two crucial actions: get rid of the unnecessary things and decide where to store the important ones.” Well, the first action is simple — you only need the right mindset and the courage to part with things that you don’t need. The second one requires you to think everything through and plan a creative storage systems that would fit things in, be as convenient and practical as possible and suit the interior well.

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Today, Cook It has prepared for you 11 creative ideas for storing things in the house that you may not even know about. Nonetheless it is what you really need! I’ll definitely ask my husband to make the same cabinet as in № 5 in the bathroom!

Creative Storage Systems for House and Holiday Cottage

The mess in the closet does not always mean that the person is lazy. Often the reason lies in the initially incorrect organization of clothes storage.
Those things that do not fit into the closet are very convenient to store behind the head of the bed. It is quite possible to put cabinets or baskets there and attach small hangers: for example, for scarves, neckerchieves or belts. You can also keep shoes or hats behind the head of the bed.

creative storage ideas for bedroom

Well, this is quite a paradise for bookworms!

creative storage ideas for books

This is going to fit in everything you need for laundry.

creative storage ideas for laundry

A truly timeless idea that deserves close attention! Wooden cabinets will help out in almost any situation.
Choose those with their panels fitting tightly together. Combine sizes that suit for both sneakers and boots. You can also store piles of socks in small wooden boxes.

creative storage ideas for shoes

Bathroom Storage Ideas

The bathroom is the smallest room in the apartment, but it has high expectations because of the need to fit in as many various goods as possible. Cosmetics, towels, bath accessories, soap, personal hygiene items — the list goes on.

creative storage ideas for bathroom

Here are some more interesting ideas for the bathroom!

creative storage ideas for bathroom

Such a convenient and functional one!

creative storage ideas for bedroom

Do not neglect the space of the balcony. Stop treating it like another pantry or a winter refrigerator.
Having made additional cabinets and shelves, and possibly putting a table and a chair there, you can add a lot of additional storage space to your apartment or arrange your own study!

creative storage ideas for balcony

If we talk about reasonable arrangement of a holiday cottage, anything can come in handy. For example, an old ladder staircase can become a reliable and most importantly convenient storage place. Or an old bike can turn into a designer shelf!

creative storage ideas for bathroom

Such appliances will help keep things tidy in the children’s room.

creative storage ideas for toys

The staircase which leads to the second floor or the attic also has unlimited possibilities for storage.

creative storage ideas for staircase

These ideas will come in handy to anyone, because everyone can find a bit of room for functional furniture in the house. Such furniture will help you finally tidy up your things and rationally use apartment space.


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