5 Life-Changing Egg Tips To Brush up Your Skills

Say what you will, but eggs are the absolute best. Not only are they a well-known breakfast staple, but they are also excellent additions to lunches, snacks, and even dinners. Plus, they are generally very healthy and contain lots of protein. Versatile, easy to cook, affordable, and wholesome — what more could we want? Good thing you asked because, apparently, we were missing a lot of fun in the form of life-changing egg tips to brush up our culinary skills.

We don’t need to dwell on what a year 2020 has been. Instead, we’ll focus on the good. This year, we were blessed with mesmerizing life hacks for cooking, cracking, and eating eggs. This list rounds up the most fun egg tricks, which are one of the only few things we’re excited to carry over to 2021.

5 Life-Changing Egg Tips

1. Get Picture-Perfect Eggs

Although we appreciate the taste and texture of this staple food, we’re all for delicious-looking meals. That said, few things look better than perfectly fried eggs with runny yolks that burst when you cut into them with your fork. Thankfully, a food blogger shared a totally extra way of making fried eggs that ensures you get a perfectly runny yolk every time. By separating the egg before it cooks, you can make sure the white gets a few extra minutes in the skillet before adding the yolk again for just enough time to keep it runny.

2. Obtain Next-Level Texture

Recently, chef Michael Gallina revealed his secret for otherworldly-tasting eggs: he freezes them before frying. He pops a carton of eggs in their shells in the freezer for 48 hours at the very least before letting them thaw overnight in the fridge once he is ready to use them. The white becomes loose and fries up as usual, but the yolk acquires a gel-like texture that the chef calls “egg butter.”

3. Cook Your Fried Eggs in Cream

Eggs and cream are a spectacularly fine combo, so cooking your fried eggs in cream is a dead-simple technique that yields a rich and flavorful end-product. Crack eggs into heavy cream and cook over moderate heat until the cream caramelizes. The eggs finish cooking right around when the cream becomes acquires the consistency of butter. Thus, you end up with tender, cream-coated whites, and firm yet runny yolk. Brilliant!

4. Make the Fluffiest Omelet Ever

Omelet is a breakfast classic! Why not level-up your game and make the fluffiest omelet ever? This towering fluffy version took the internet by storm this year. Although it is an old-school recipe, it deserves another round of hype. The not-so-secret secret lies in beating the whites and yolks separately and then cooking them over low heat with a generous amount of butter.

5. Try the Viral Tornado Omelet Technique

This year, people ooh-ed and aah-ed over the viral egg video that showed us how to make a tornado omelet. In it, the person cooking heats vegetable oil in a skillet over super high heat and pours the egg mixture into it. The egg takes a couple of seconds to coagulate and form a thin yet solid base. Then comes the most exciting part: using chopsticks, the cook begins to bring the egg’s rim from two opposite sides of the skillet and drag them to the middle. Finally, they start turning the chopsticks slowly in a circle, making unique whirls.

We hope you learned a thing or two from this article, and you decide to try one (or all) of these life-changing egg tips. Which are you most excited to attempt first? Let us know in the comments section below, as we’d love to know.


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