Growing Cucumbers on Plastic Mulch

All farmers want their cucumber harvest to be excellent. But how can you achieve it? Try growing your cucumbers on plastic mulch. An interesting method that has several advantages.

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Buying good seeds is not enough to get an excellent harvest. It’s all about care because these vegetables can be quite high maintenance. Therefore, remember that this plant loves warm conditions, light, and moisture.

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Growing Cucumbers on Plastic Mulch

If the cucumbers are not watered generously, then the whole crop will taste bitter. And growing cucumbers directly on plastic mulch will help solve the watering problem once and for all. Also, this method will save you from regular weeding.

Planting the Cucumbers

Note that planting cucumbers too early is pointless because until it gets warmer, they will not grow quickly. You need to choose a garden bed for cucumbers, where you will have to get rid of any weeds. Around the perimeter of the bed, you should dig a small trench about 4 inches (10 cm) deep and pour boiling water over it.

If the weather is dry in the yard, then the garden itself should be watered abundantly. Moreover, experienced gardeners advise to water first with warm water (if the soil is dry), and then pour abundantly with boiling water so that the soil is moist at least 2 inches (5 cm) deep.

After watering, you should cover the garden bed with plastic mulch and pour it with soil at the edges. This will allow the plants to constantly be in a warm and humid environment, which will affect the harvest.

1-2 days later you can start planting the cucumbers. Moreover, you can choose the most different varieties, but don’t take very small ones. You need to make small holes in the mulch. You’ll plant the seeds into the soil through them. As the stem grows and develops, it will expand the hole.

It is worth placing 2 seeds at each hole. If both sprout, then you need to remove one. By the way, the perfect depth of each hole is about 1 inch (2 cm). Use your fingers to plant the seeds where they need to be placed.

Now all you need to do is to write down where you planted each variety. Then wait for the sprouts. Also, you’ll need to adjust each sprout so that it doesn’t grow under the mulch.

The great thing about this method is that the cucumbers don’t need watering, because moisture doesn’t evaporate. Plus, no weeding is needed. The cucumbers are clean, healthy, and grow quickly. And even hot dry weather won’t be a problem.


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