Living in a House vs Apartment

A private house… Sitting on the porch, breathing in fresh air, and looking around my favorite fruit trees. There seems to be no better start to the day! But there are always pros and cons. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about living in a house vs apartment.

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If you are considering moving to the suburbs, you need to weigh the pros and cons. To help you, I will tell you about the potential advantages and disadvantages of living in a house.

Living in a House vs Apartment


Living in a house, you will forget about dirty air, crowded streets, and the noise of city roads. Every day you will be able to enjoy birdsongs and green trees.

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Having Your Own Yard

Perhaps this is one of my favorite advantages of living in a house. In your yard, you can do whatever your heart desires. For example, have a picnic, or make a swimming pool. Besides, in such a yard you can plant a lot of fruit trees or make a vegetable garden. Just yesterday, my mother gave me 4 varieties of cucumbers straight from her garden. Fresh, delicious, and most importantly — homegrown!

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Not Too Crowded

Don’t think that I am against connecting with your neighbors. But, you must admit, life is much quieter and calmer when your house is not surrounded by other people’s doors. And if you live in a house, you are more likely to make friends with your neighbors. Perhaps you will even begin to visit each other and exchange experiences of suburban life.

More Space for Pets

Many of my friends want to have a pet, but they live in apartments. In a house, everything is simpler and more convenient in this matter. Your pets will be able to walk around and enjoy the fresh air just like you. Agree, no one wants to be locked up in a tiny apartment all day.


When I lived in my parents’ house, in summer the doors were almost always wide open. A big concrete fence and iron gates ensured our safety. Now, living in an apartment, I always check twice whether the door is closed.


Constant Financial Support

Maintaining a home is expensive. Those who built a house from scratch know firsthand how much money needs to be invested in it. Not to mention all the documents. And those who got the old house have to renovate it from year to year. But sometimes it seems to me that it is easier to demolish an old house and rebuild it than to make constant repairs.

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Looking After the House

Imagine how much time you need for spring cleaning in the apartment, and multiply it by five. In addition to the house itself, the yard must also be kept clean. And if you have a vegetable garden, additional chores appear. Watering the garden beds, cutting off the branches on trees, collecting fallen leaves, pulling out all the weeds, cleaning the garage — and this is not even half of all the work. All this requires energy, time, and passion for improving your home.

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Imagine a situation: you are lying in bed, about to fall asleep, then you turn your head, and a huge spider is sitting on the wall. Spiders, mosquitoes, fleas — the list goes on. Of course, you can protect yourself and your family by installing good screens on windows, etc. But, believe me, this will not guarantee that some insects won’t enter the house.


If you want to live in the suburbs, be prepared that you can hardly get to a store or a pharmacy near you quickly. This applies also to hospitals, cafes, and shopping malls. In this case, having a car is very helpful. And nowadays, residents of suburban houses are often choosing the delivery of food and other things. But, unfortunately, it’s quite expensive.

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Living in a house, you will worry about it as if it was your child. If something breaks, you are unlikely to be able to immediately call a repairman. Especially if you live outside the city. Therefore, you will have to learn a lot. For example, you will probably fix a leaking faucet for the first time or deal with a sewer.

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These were the pros and cons of living in a house vs apartment. If you feel that you want to move out of town, and you have all the necessary resources, feel free to do it. Despite all the disadvantages of living in a house, sometimes I miss the indescribable feeling of freedom that a suburban house can give you. Was this article useful? Leave your comments below!


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