How to Cut a Watermelon

You can’t taste a watermelon without cutting it first just like you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs. And today we’re going to give you some inspiration on how to cut a watermelon quickly and in a creative way.

You’ll be able to pleasantly surprise the guests or your children. Use these simple techniques and you can forget about cleaning up a sticky mess.

How to Cut a Watermelon

Chess Pattern

Cut off the bottom and stem. Cut the watermelon in half vertically. Holding the half with your hand, cut off the rind from it in strips.

Leave a thin strip of rind in the middle. It will be convenient to take the pieces by it with your hand. Place the watermelon halves with their cut sides down.

Cut into thin slices across the rind. Carefully transfer the slices to a plate and arrange them in a chess pattern. Such a presentation looks unusual, and it is convenient to take the pieces without getting dirty with the juice.


This method is somewhat similar to the previous one. Cutting is a little easier. But you need a fork.

Cut the watermelon in half. Place the half on the table and cut it in half again. Separate the flesh from the rind with a knife, making a kind of boat.

Cut the flesh into small sections. Arrange them on the boat in a chess pattern.

Thin Triangular Slices

Cut the watermelon across into two equal parts, then cut the halves into two more parts.

Cut the quarters lengthwise into three equal slices. After that, place the piece on the board and cut into long triangles that are convenient to eat.

Christmas Trees

This technique is similar to the previous one. After cutting a quarter of the watermelon into slices make two lengthwise cuts in the rind of each slice.

Separate the outside strips of the rind from the flesh. And cut the rest of the watermelon across into thin sections. The pieces look like little Christmas trees, which are convenient to take by the rind.


Slice the watermelon into 1-inch (2 ½ cm) thick circles. Cut off the rind. Cut the remaining flesh into 1 by 1-inch cubes.

After that, it is easy to place them into a container and it is convenient to eat. Although, you need skewers or a fork.


I like this technique more than others and it is just perfect for buffets. Cut the half of the watermelon into about 1-inch thick half-circles.


Then repeat the procedure, making cuts across.

Such watermelon sticks are convenient to eat by the rind. Try serving them in cups.

Technique for Big Parties

Place half of the watermelon on a cutting board with the cut side down and gently remove the entire rind with a knife.

Then repeat the procedure from the previous technique. Cover the sliced watermelon with a bowl and flip it over, holding the cutting board with one hand and the bowl with the other.

Such cutting technique looks impressive, but to eat, you need skewers.


This technique looks elegant but takes more time. To make the basket more even, make markings.

To do this, apply tape on the watermelon and draw the pattern on it. Then make cuts with a sharp knife and remove the tape.

Remove all the flesh from the watermelon. If you do this with an ice cream scoop, you’ll get cute watermelon balls. Mix them with berries and fruit pieces. Fill the basket with this mixture. I bet this watermelon will be the jewel of any table!

Now you know how to cut a watermelon in 8 different ways. Was this article useful? Be sure to share your favorite food serving tips in the comment section!


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