How to Freeze Meat

You’d think that buying a high-quality fresh meat cut would be easy. However, with all the choices out there today, it may prove a daunting task. Furthermore, few people want to go grocery shopping every other day.

Of course, cooking with fresh ingredients is the ideal option. It is especially true when talking about restaurants and self-respecting chefs. At home, however, you can make your life easier. Today, Cook It will share with you tips on how to properly freeze meat for a whole month ahead and spend less time shopping.

Freezing Meat

Experts agree that it is impossible to freeze meat without losing in terms of flavor. It’s true. However, there exist two different types of freezing techniques.

Shock-freezing — freezing meat at a temperature of -40 °F. This freezing technique is preferable because it does not damage the meat fibers. Moreover, when defrosting, the meat does not lose very much in terms of flavor. Unfortunately, this technique is difficult to implement at home.

Household freezing — freezing meat at home. In an ordinary household freezer, the temperature does not nearly reach that of the ideal temperature for freezing. Therefore, when frozen for a long time, large ice crystals form on the meat, and the meat fibers are damaged. Whichever way you cook it, it turns out tasteless and dry.

In a ZeroZone drawer, you can store fresh meat for up to 5 days, wrapped in a towel. The towel needs to be changed every day. It is also possible to prepare the product for long-term storage. If you follow the instructions carefully, the cut of meat will store in the freezer for one to three months without significant loss of flavor.

How to Properly Freeze Meat

  1. Pat the meat cut dry with a kitchen towel to get rid of excess moisture.
  2. Cut it into pieces or portions and place them on parchment paper.
  3. Pop in the freezer for 3 hours.
  4. After 3 hours, remove the meat from the freezer and place it in a freezer-friendly vacuum container or tightly wrap it in cling film.
  5. You can store mince similarly. Grind the meat in a meat grinder, place it in a vacuum container, and store it in the freezer.
  6. To ensure that the meat is safe for consumption, label the container with the date of freezing. Store for up to 3 months.

Even if you have done everything according to the instructions, there is a risk of spoiling the product before it reaches the skillet or baking sheet. Properly defrosting meat is as important as properly freezing it.

We hope you’ve found this article helpful and freezing meat long-term will make your life easier. Please share the advice with your friends — they’ll appreciate it.


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