How to Revive a Plant

For some, indoor plants are just part of the interior. For others, they’re almost family members. And how sad it is to watch the plant slowly lower its dried leaves! But don’t rush to mourn your green friends. We’ve prepared a selection of tips on how to revive your plant.

These tips will help even in the most hopeless cases. Don’t forget to save these. They will be useful to you more than once!

How to Revive a Plant

Repot the Plant

Decorative or metal pots are a common cause of plant death. The plant needs a healthy environment to grow in. So the pot needs to be suitable.

When there’s no drainage or just one hole in the pot the excess moisture stays in it. This makes the root rot and causes bacteria growth.

Detangle the Roots

When transplanting into a new, larger pot, be sure to detangle the roots. Gently remove dry and dying parts. Try not to harm healthy roots. After such a procedure, they will be able to better absorb water and nutrients.

Water Quality

Use only good quality water. Even if the tap water is processed, it still contains a fairly high level of chlorine. Such water can harm the plant. Set the water aside for 24 hours before watering. You can also use rainwater.

Organic Pots

You can repot the plant into a coconut shell to create a natural environment. This organic pot will provide good drainage and prevent root from rotting. It will also provide your plant with zinc, copper, and iron. However, chemical fertilizers can damage its structure. Therefore, use only natural ones.

Plant Trimming

Cut off all dry branches and leaves, but leave at least 2 inches (5 cm) of the stem. This also applies to yellowed leaves. Cut at a 45-degree angle, leaving as much healthy parts as possible.


Many people think that a large amount of fertilizer will help you revive the plant. But correct use and amount of nutrients is important. Use only completely water-soluble fertilizers. Use 1 tsp of fertilizer per 1 gallon of water.


Good drainage is always crucial for plant growth. Add light pebbles on top of the soil. This will help retain moisture on the surface for longer and protect against overheating during hot seasons.

Hidden Traps in the Pot

If your plant is still in the pot you bought it in, check it. Believe me, you can find a lot of interesting things there. Plastic cups and rags can be the reason why your plant is dying. It is better to immediately repot the plant.


Use a sponge or cotton swab dipped in soapy water or rubbing alcohol to gently wash the pests off your plant.

The Right Soil

Insects can damage not only leaves but also roots. Use only the best soil. If you decide to take soil from the garden, clean it. There are many weeds and pests in the street soil.

Bath for Your Plants

After spending time indoors, your plants deserve bathing. Dry air and poor ventilation can exhaust your green friends. To revive them, wash the plants thoroughly in the shower. Pay attention to the back of the leaves.

Diaper Crystals

If your plant’s roots are starting to rot, the best way to maintain moisture balance is to use a hydrogel. Diaper crystals have the same effect. Just mix the granules with water until you get a gel texture. Add it to your plant’s soil. This will solve the problem.

Fertilizing With Yogurt

Lactic acid bacteria are excellent soil nutrients and help keep the plants healthy. Add a few teaspoons of yogurt to the soil to enrich it with organic acids. Your plant is going to love it.

Using Aquarium Water to Irrigate Plants

Aquarium water that contains fish waste can enrich the soil. So use it to water the plants. This only applies to fresh water. Salty water will harm the plants.

Miniature Greenhouse

You can create a miniature greenhouse for your plant by placing it in a clean plastic bag along with the pot. Place a source of light beside it. Be sure to water the plant and let the water drain before doing this. The plastic will trap the evaporated water so the plant can absorb it. This method is especially good in dry air conditions.

Proper care and little tricks will help you prolong the life of your plants. Try to follow all the rules, one thing is unlikely to bring results. Do you have any go-to plant-reviving tips?


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