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Lose Weight When Sleeping: Do’s and Don’ts Before Bed

When you are trying to lose weight, it is very important to eat clean and exercise regularly. However, you can also program your body to lose weight when you’re sleeping. Here’s a small list of simple steps to take to get rid of those extra pounds. My new nutritionist shared them with me.

At first glance, it may seem like complete nonsense. How can you burn fat so effortlessly? Nevertheless, the magic of this weight loss technique really works. I tested it on myself and encouraged my friends to try it as well. Everyone is happy with the result. If you follow the advice, you will surely get closer to your goal weight.

How to Lose Weight When Sleeping

Have Something to Do in the Evenings

Often, when we’re bored, we might venture into the kitchen in search of a snack. If you do that, as well, then you definitely need to have something to do in the evening. Going out for a walk, hanging out with a friend, or reading a book can stop you from overeating. A new hobby that will distract you from food will also be beneficial.

Have a Good Night’s Sleep

Believe it or not, a night of good, long sleep helps you lose weight faster. Make a schedule and go to bed at the same time.


Moderate exercise in the early evening is great (just make sure it isn’t very late). Also, try to avoid high-intensity exercise, as it can affect the quality of your sleep. A slow run and some stretching are perfect.

Don’t Eat Before Bed

Monitor your food intake before going to sleep. Avoid late-night high-calorie snacks. In the evening, it is best to eat protein-rich foods and vegetables. Close the kitchen door 1-1.5 hours before bedtime and don’t even think of going inside until the morning!

Pack Lunch for Tomorrow

Lunches at cafes or fast-food chains are usually high in fat and calories. Homemade food is healthier, as you know exactly what went into it. In the morning, it is difficult to find time to put together a lunch box. Do it in the evening and save yourself from an expensive, calorific meal.

Stick to a Meal Schedule

The cause for overeating in the evening may be the fact that your body has not received enough food during the day. Make a schedule and stick to it. Thus, your stomach will get used to receiving food at a certain time and will stop disturbing you before bed.

Turn off the TV

Minimize distractions and focus on your meal when it is time to eat. Mindful meals can help you feel full faster and monitor how much you consume. Watching TV distracts you, and you may not realize that you’re eating more than you need.

Brush Your Teeth After Dinner

To force yourself to stop eating before bed, get into the habit of brushing your teeth and flossing right after dinner. When your teeth are clean, you have to think twice before having another snack.

Avoid Stress

Some people tend to stress-eat. Instead of letting food help you deal with your emotions, try to relax by taking deep breaths and meditating. It will also improve your sleep.

Turn off the Light

Sleeping in a dark room is another habit worth adding to your list. Before going to bed, make sure your windows do not let in the light from the street. If necessary, consider investing in blackout curtains or a sleep mask. Put your phone and laptop aside at least 30 minutes before bed.

These tips, combined with conventional techniques for losing weight, will help you reach your goals. Now you can work on your figure when sleeping. Don’t expect a miracle, though. Only perseverance and hard work will bring the desired result. The key is to believe in yourself! Good luck!


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