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How to Open Plastic Grocery Bags Without Licking Your Fingers

Sometimes, little things can be the most annoying in our daily life, for example, struggling to open plastic bags at the grocery store. Though finger-licking is a common approach to doing it, it is very unhygienic, and especially so during a pandemic. Think about it. You’ve been touching the shopping cart that hasn’t seen a sanitizer in heaven knows how long, the products that other people have touched repeatedly, as well as produce that hasn’t been washed yet. At this point, licking your fingers to open a plastic bag is like asking to get sick and spread germs. So what do you do?

So that you don’t have to resort to such primitive methods, Cook It will show you how to open plastic grocery bags without licking your fingers. Jump down below to find three ways to open any plastic bag with handles in seconds.

No-Lick Methods to Easily Open Plastic Grocery Bags

Method No. 1

Grab the bag at the base on one side. With your other hand, hold the place where the bag should open with your fingers. Pull the cellophane gently in different directions. A triangle will immediately pop up in the corner.

Now all that remains is to grab this bit and open the bag.

Method No. 2

Grab the bag by both handles and pull them in opposite directions — again, triangles will appear on both sides.

Pull them apart, and the bag will open easily.

Method No. 3

Slip your finger into the groove on the bottom side of the bag. Slide your finger upward toward the handle.

Pull the handle apart with your fingers. Ta-dah!

All of these methods work beautifully with absolutely any plastic bag with handles. To open one without, pinch the top of the bag and rub your fingers together in opposing directions. Blow in it to open it completely.

Did you know about these hacks? How do you open plastic grocery bags? Please share with us in the comments.

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