Leaving a Plastic Bottle in the Car

Probably, going on a trip in the summer, every driver takes a bottle of clean water with him or her. What if you suddenly want to drink and have to ride for a long time until you find a store or a gas station? Or maybe you just need to rinse or wipe something? It would seem that this is the case: put the plastic bottle in the car and you’re good to go…

Firefighters offer to look at this habit from a different angle. Do you know how much a car heats under the sun? According to studies at Stanford University, at a temperature of 95 °F (35 °C), a car can heat up to 130 °F (55 °C).

That is why you should never leave children, pets, and plastic water bottles in the car. We hope that with the first two cases everything is very clear, but would like to take a look at the third one.

Why You Shouldn’t Leave a Plastic Bottle in the Car

American firefighters conducted an experiment: they left a clear plastic water bottle in the car to expose it to sunlight. The bottle served as a magnifying glass and set the seat on fire.

An engineer Dioni Amuchastegui has already encountered such a problem. The man was having lunch in his car and at some point, he noticed some smoke. It turned out that the sunlight coming through the bottle began to heat the seat. It had already burned a small hole in it. Fortunately, the engineer got off with nothing more than a fright.

Be careful and warn your family and friends! In general, try to use plastic packaging less often so as not to endanger yourself and the environment. Find out how you can repurpose plastic containers.


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