How To Easily Untie Knots on Plastic Grocery Bags

Everyone is familiar with this situation when you can’t loosen the tight knots on plastic grocery bags. As a result, you get broken nails, ruined mood, and a torn bag. But you can avoid it if you know one trick. It turns out that tight knots are very easy to untie.

You don’t need to use any supplies. Simple logic will help to deal with this seemingly unrealistic task. Are you intrigued? Then let’s try together to untie a knot on a plastic bag.

How To Easily Untie Knots on Plastic Grocery Bags

Sometimes it seems like there is some kind of conspiracy. You come from the store and see the tight knots. Many people try to untie them with teeth, a toothpick, or nail scissors. But it is often easier to just tear the bag.

In order to reuse the plastic bags, you need to learn how to untie the tightest knots.

First, take one handle of the grocery bag and start twisting it. Do it as tightly as possible.

Then just push that handle through the knot. It will loosen up the knot and then you can easily untie it.

I can’t even believe that everything was so simple. Now each plastic bag will stay intact so you could reuse it.

A Knot That Is Easy To Untie

Sometimes you need to tie the bag securely and untie it quickly. Then you can use this simple method. Take the bag handles and tie them once.

Now bend one end around the other as you would for a regular knot. At the same time, straighten the other handle into a loop.

Thread the end of the handle through the hole and tie. You will have a secure knot with a small loop on top. Pull the loop to untie the knot.

As you can see, there are no unsolvable problems if you want to find the answer. If you liked this article, be sure to read about other household hacks.


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