Why Grow Purple Shamrock Indoors

Just about everyone has a favorite plant (or three). Unfortunately, purple shamrock rarely makes the list. That’s a shame. Also known as oxalis, the plant is not only beautiful but also beneficial. It is extremely easy to care for: it is quite sturdy and low-maintenance. I realized this when an oxalis that looked as good as dead came back to life in a week’s time.

Gardening experts are wary of purple shamrocks, because, in the garden, they spread like weeds. However, the matter is entirely different when the plant lives in a pot. A purple shamrock is ideal for busy people and those who know little about growing plants indoors. Still in doubt? Here are 5 reasons why you should to get an oxalis.

5 Reasons to Get a Purple Shamrock

1. It’s Beautiful

Among the many varieties of oxalis, purple shamrock with its triangular dark purple leaves looks the most spectacular on the windowsill among its green cousins. When the plant blooms, its small, light-colored blossoms look even pretties against the dark leaves.

2. It’s Low-Maintenance

Purple shamrock’s low-maintenance nature is reason enough to fall in love with it. All it needs is water and periodic repotting (every 2-3 years). It does not need any fertilizers, though it will appreciate them from time to time. When temperatures drop significantly, purple shamrocks go dormant, but soon grow young leaves again.

3. It’s Edible

Perhaps this will be news for you, but the oxalis plant’s leaves are edible. You can add them to salads, first courses, and even desserts. Dried oxalis will turn into a healthy seasoning with a bitter taste. It contains malic and oxalic acid, vitamins A, C, and K, flavonoids. A true windowsill treasure!

4. It Brings Good Luck

Purple shamrock is a great housewarming gift. The plant is said to bring happiness and good fortune. It also aids in financial matters. Most importantly, people believe it helps maintain peace in the family. Who knows, perhaps a glance at the plant is what it takes to stop quarreling.

5. It’s Versatile

Surprisingly, oxalis has different uses in everyday life. For example, it deals with stains on textile better than any store-bought product. A few leaves will help to restore the former vibrance of colored fabrics. Moreover, oxalis quickly removes any dirt from the hands after gardening. All you need to do is rub the leaves between your palms. And voilà — everything is clean!

Likely, you had no idea that this humble plant holds so many secrets. Fascinating, isn’t it? Hopefully, this article inspired you to get a purple shamrock for your windowsill.


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