Simple Logic Puzzles to Get You Thinking

Simple logic puzzles are fun to solve at any age. At school, such tasks are essential to help young minds learn to think and problem-solve. Adults, however, need them as more of a mental warm-up. After all, it is vital to keep the brain active, healthy, and sharp.

With this in mind, today, Cook It challenges its readers to solve a few easy logic puzzles. Although, for an adult who hasn’t been to school in years, they may seem difficult at first glance. In any case, this is an excellent opportunity to test yourself and train your brain.

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Simple Logic Puzzles

  1. According to the source, the first task is specifically designed for Japanese schoolchildren. Somehow, they do manage to solve it. Can you find the correct solution?
  2. To solve the second problem, you ought to determine the weight of the dog, cat, and rabbit. The information available in the image is sufficient to find the solution. Can you?
  3. Finally, here’s a fun wintery puzzle to celebrate its departure. Find what number corresponds to what character.


  1. Diligent Japanese schoolchildren seem to be able to notice mathematical patterns from an early age. After all, how else do they solve such logic puzzles? After analyzing the examples, we see that their expanded version looks like this: (3 + 3) * 3 = 18, (4 + 4) * 4 = 32, etc. Therefore, the final one is as follows: (10 + 10) * 10 = 200. © Depositphotos
  2. If the dog and the rabbit weigh 20 kg, and the dog and the cat weigh 24 kg, then the cat is 4 kg heavier than the rabbit. Therefore, if we look at the first picture, we deduce that the weight of the rabbit is (10 – 4) / 2 = 3 kg. Consequently, the weight of the cat is 10 – 3 = 7 kg. Thus, the weight of the dog is 20 – 3 = 17 kg. And the total weight of the three animals is 10 + 17 = 27 kg. There is also an easier way to find the solution. Because we have the total weight of each pair of animals, we can add all 3 values ​​known to us 10 + 20 + 24 = 54 kg to get the weight of 2 rabbits, 2 cats, and 2 dogs. Next, we simply divide the value by half to get the total weight of the three animals: 54/2 = 27 kg.
  3. From the first two examples we can deduce that the snowman equals 36/3 = 12 and the Christmas tree equals 24/3 = 8. Therefore, the toy equals 21 – 12 – 8 = 1. Now, solving the last example is easy as pie: 12 + (1 + 1 + 1) * (12 + 8) = 12 + 3 * 20 = 72.
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We seem to have found the correct solutions to all today’s easy logic puzzles. Which task did you find the most difficult? Feel free to tell us in the comments section below.


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