System for Storing Canning Jars

Those of you who love to preserve cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms, and salads for winter will understand this all too well. Before, I had no convenient way of storing empty canning jars. At first, they sat haphazardly in my pantry, taking up pretty much the whole space. Of course, I could never easily access the one container I needed at that particular moment, as they all threatened to fall and break.

Then, I decided to put them in boxes. It’s safer, but it has made spotting what I need even more difficult. Plus, all jars were always annoyingly dusty. Fortunately, after a lot of trial and error, I have come up with a system. Enter cling film.

System for Storing Canning Jars

All you need to set up a convenient storage for your jars is a regular thick cling film. First, wrap cling film around each jar 2-3 times. Next, attach the individually-wrapped empty canning jars to each other, creating a pack of 6 to 9 jars. Finally, bind them all together. Don’t forget to wrap the necks, as well.

The main advantage of this system is that you can immediately spot where you’ve placed each jar. Jars don’t knock against each other because they’re packaged tight, so there’s less risk of them breaking. Moreover, they are protected from dust and moisture, so you won’t have to prep them for use again.

You can stack the bundles on top of one another or side by side, thus making the most of your kitchen cabinet or pantry space. The packed jars will be awaiting the next canning season safe and sound.

This is an excellent system for storing empty canning jars, and it takes no more than half an hour to set up. Plus, cling film is something that is always at hand. How do you store jars? Comment down below to share.


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