Shortcuts To Keeping A Tidy Home

More often than not, men brag about their cars, achievements at work, kids, and, of course, their brilliant wives. Women, in turn, consider children and their tidy home their biggest pride, and the latter frequently lies solely on their shoulders.

A lazy housewife is a clever housewife. She knows how to make her home look tidy in only a couple of minutes: she only needs to hide a few things out of sight.

Air Freshener

Why is the air freshener, so essential for the bathroom and the whole house, is bad, you ask? In addition to aggressive chemicals in its composition, it has a harsh and overpowering smell.

Because of this, your family may experience nausea and dizziness. We recommend replacing store-bought air fresheners with natural sprays that you can easily make yourself.

homemade air freshener

Bath Mat

It is very convenient to have a soft terry rug near the shower. However, it is considered the main absorber of moisture, and where there is moisture, there is a favorable environment for fungus.

Replace a shaggy mat with a short-pile alternative, but remember to wash and dry it thoroughly at least once a week. Another option is to get a rug out made from an absorbent material.

bath mat


Delicious homemade preserves are a welcome addition to any meal. However, such products do have an expiration date. If you want to impress your guests, do not offer them canned treats older than three years for dinner.

The same goes for spices and processed foods. We often forget that such products tend to go bad. Make it a habit to check expiration dates every month.

tidy home

Towels and Sponges

We use kitchen towels and sponges at least three times a day. They wear out, lose their appearance, and sterility; this is unacceptable when working with products.

Therefore, it is recommended to wash towels every 3–4 days, and replace sponges once a week or two. Of course, it all depends on the frequency of use.

old sponge


A broom is a homeowner’s best friend. Did you know that each room should have a designated broom? After all, by using only one, you can make a mess of the whole house.

Remember to immediately get rid of a shabby, dirty broom — not only does it spoil the interior with its appearance, but it also shows that the hostess is sloppy.

tidy home


We have talked about cracked and broken dishes many times. Firstly, it is considered a bad omen. If you do not believe in signs, however, think about the way such dishes look on the table. Your guests will probably think you’re a Scrooge.

cracked mug

Most importantly, cracked dishes can be harmful. Wouldn’t it be better to turn them into crafts?

Bed Linen

We do not recommend using old bed linen for yourself, and especially for your guests. Even if it does not have holes yet, they can appear at any given moment, and that could be very embarrassing. Better make a useful eco bag from old sheets.

tidy home

Do you agree with our recommendations? How do you keep your home tidy? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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