Tips for Cleaning the Bathroom and Kitchen

Cook It has repeatedly shared with you the secrets of proper cleaning. We have already talked about how to declutter the kitchen and how to deal with stains. Nevertheless, perfection knows no limits! Today, we will give you a few additional tips for cleaning the bathroom and kitchen.

As a rule, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom is the most problematic and time-consuming household chore. However, you can improve the process with clever know-hows. You no longer need to spend astronomical amounts of money on household chemicals — a few homemade cleaners will work wonders.

10 Cleaning Tricks

  1. To clean the toilet, use vinegar and soda. Firstly, sprinkle a cup of soda on the inside of the toilet. Secondly, using a sprayer, treat the basin with vinegar and do not forget about the underside of the rim. Wait 15 minutes, and then wipe everything with a scrubbing brush and rinse with for cleaning
  2. Use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to clean the stove from old fat and soot. To do this, combine these two products in a bowl and stir vigorously until creamy. Put on gloves and wash the stove with the mixture using a to clean the stove
  3. Plaque on the mixer and taps can be easily removed using ordinary vinegar. Soak paper towels in it, and lay them on the dirty places. Let sit for 20 minutes, then scrub with an old to remove plaque
  4. You can make an all-purpose cleaner yourself. To do this, you need 2 cups of citrus peels and 2 cups of vinegar. To begin with, mix all the ingredients in a jar. Then close it with a non-metallic lid (vinegar corrodes metal) and allow infusing for 2–3 weeks. Not only will you clean the necessary surfaces, but also fill the room with a pleasant fruity aroma.DIY all-purpose cleaner
  5. To effortlessly remove limescale from the kettle, use white vinegar. Pour six tablespoons of the product inside, and fill it with the maximum amount of water. Boil and leave overnight. Wash the kettle before use. The result is astonishing!remove limescale from the kettle
  6. The nasty brown marks from coffee mugs or teacups can be efficiently removed with regular toothpaste — solely wipe the surface with a cloth and paste, and the stains will fade!tips for cleaning
  7. If a permanent marker falls into your child’s hands, do not get upset — traces on the furniture or leather can be easily cleaned with vegetable oil. Just wipe the affected place with a cloth dipped in oil. Voila!how to remove permanent marker from furniture
  8. You can clean stains on marble or laminate surfaces with bleach. Firstly, put the product on a paper towel and place it on the affected area. Secondly, cover with a bowl so as not to spread the smell and leave overnight. Finally, wipe with a clean cloth in the for cleaning
  9. Remove shoe tracks on the floor with isopropyl alcohol (sold in pharmacies). Wipe the affected area with a cloth dipped in for cleaning
  10. Use activated charcoal to eliminate odors from the refrigerator — it will help absorb smells. The same trick is also suitable for clothes and shoe for cleaning

Overall, we wanted to give you tips for cleaning the bathroom and kitchen using items you might already have in your pantry. Besides, they are much cheaper than household chemicals, and the result is no worse. In conclusion, we hope that your cleaning will become faster and more comfortable. Good luck!


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