What Is Yorkshire Pudding?

If you’re a fan of British books, movies, or TV shows, you’ve probably heard of Yorkshire pudding. But what is it exactly? Today we would like to shed some light on the subject.

We are going to talk about what ingredients this dish consists of, how it differs from a popover, and how to eat it.

What Is Yorkshire Pudding?

British Pudding vs. American Pudding

American puddings are closer to what Europeans would call “custard.” But British pudding is a dish that’s cooked by being boiled or steamed. It can be either savory or sweet.


The batter for Yorkshire pudding is traditionally made from eggs, flour, and milk or water and resembles a pancake batter.

The recipe for Yorkshire pudding was created as a way to use leftover fat drippings. At first, it was even called “dripping pudding”.

In the past, it was common to serve one large pudding cut into squares, but today individual puddings are more popular.

How to Serve

Yorkshire pudding is a part of a Sunday roast. It’s a traditional British main meal served on Sunday. It also includes roasted meat, potatoes, gravy, etc.

Yorkshire puddings can also be filled with other foods such as meat, stew, vegetables, or gravy.

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You can also cook a sausage inside a large Yorkshire pudding and serve it with onion gravy. The dish is called Toad in the Hole.

How Is It Different From a Popover?

While both dishes are made from similar batters, the way we cook and serve them is different. Popovers are primarily cooked in a muffin tin which is greased with the drippings from roasted beef or pork. So it’s basically meat-flavored pastry.

Yorkshire puddings are made in an oiled baking pan. Some recipes call for the batter to be placed under roasting meat soak up fat drippings. Later the dish can be stuffed with beef, gravy, vegetables, etc.

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