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How Eating Before Bed Impacts Overall Health

Not eating after 6 pm is a strict, severe restriction that most people on a weight-loss journey accept. They do not even suspect that it might be harming their health!

Modern dietetics opposes such a limitation and proves that eating before bed is beneficial and even necessary. The key is to eat right types of food.

Scientists’ Research

Healthy nutrition researchers conducted a research study to figure out how eating before bed impacts overall health. They divided 50 people into two groups. For a month, the first group of subjects ate dinner every day before 6 pm, whereas the second group — around bedtime. The results of the study were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

An early supper affected blood sugar levels. For those who went to bed on an empty stomach, it was very low in the morning. And immediately after breakfast, it jumped to the level exceeding the norm.

The second group had the same average blood sugar level before and after breakfast. The subjects did not have blood sugar surges or dips adversely affecting health and figure.

Based on the results, scientists have come to the conclusion that nutrition should be fractional and frequent. A small meal of foods with a low glycemic index an hour or two before bedtime is also necessary.

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Doctors’ Recommendations

Doctors are of the same opinion. They recommend anyone who starts their morning with a jog, exercise, or a swim to eat before bedtime.

They find that having a late meal can help control appetite. This is very important for those who are on a weight-loss journey and strive for long-term success in their fight against excess weight.

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Foods To Eat Before Bed

Low-glycemic meals include steamed lean meats and fish, an egg white omelet with dill and parsley, and beans and vegetable stew with vegetable oil. Salads made from celery, arugula, and other leafy greens with a Greek yogurt dressing are also great.

You can eat a handful of hazelnuts, some cottage cheese, or boiled shrimp, drink a cup of low-fat chicken broth, kefir, or soured milk. As you can see, options are limitless.

Avoid eating fruit before bed, as they are beneficial to your health only when consumed in the morning. Avoid other sweets, as well, especially if working toward losing weight.

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What To Drink Before Bed?

You can drink water with a few cubes of frozen coconut milk or apple juice. Or a cup of warm milk with a spoonful of cinnamon.

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Debunking Myths

The myth persists that the so-called Italian lifestyle, which includes Mediterranean cuisine eaten for dinner with a glass of dry wine, supposedly helps to stay in shape.

Although tartaric acid does prevent the absorption of fats, there are also negative consequences of drinking wine before sleeping. For example, it may cause gas and bloating or hormonal disruptions.

Avoid alcohol, even as exquisitely light as wine, during a late dinner. Your last meal of the day should feature simple, low-fat, unsweetened foods with a low glycemic index. Only such products will help control appetite and body weight.

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Moderation and balance are better than excesses and limitations. It is the main rule that present-day nutritionists are guided by when forming weight loss menus or healthy meal plans. Consider following these guidelines yourself, and don’t forget to share this helpful article with your friends.


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